22052016 The Onion Dip

One thing I like when I comes to crispy stuff such as well, crisps, tortilla, plain biscuits or even slices of vege is that I like to add sauce to them. The most simplest of all would be to jsut squeeze the ketchup bottle. But then, I'd be thinking, how about adding  some chili sauce too (my usual McD habit and at one time, pepper as well). Once that spark fired up, ideas such as experimenting with Thousand Island, Kewpie, mayo, other sauces and ingredients came into the picture. It would be great if  I can have all the right sauces for the right crisp but hey, food is food.

In the end, I settled for what I can make, with what's in the fridge...

The usual suspects for the onion dip. (L-R)L Crunchy Squid (the crunchy prawns are more common though), some garlic chili sauce, Lingam's Thai Chili sauce, ketchup, mayo and pepper mix. Of course you don't have to get them exactly, just make sure there's your basic ketchup, chili sauce, mayo and white onion.

This is how the sauces looked without the mayo, of course.

I love this knife which I can chop the onions smaller. Getting a blender would be nice but then the onions would be too fine.

Onions into the mix. Two pieces of raw garlic is for that zing to the tongue. If you like it, add more but don't talk to me.

Added the teaspoon of mayo. At this stage, if you want it to be sweeter, add more (sweet) ketchup. If you want it to be hotter, well, how about tabasco?

Tastes great with carrots! One day, I might want to add a few drops of lemons too.

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