22052016 The Turnip

Seriously, I have never known that the thing I bought in my hands was a turnip. I have read about them in stories (The Largest Turnip, etc), drank some soup and that's it. It did not occur to me that the
thick 5mm to 10mm slice of white crunchy fruit I had as a boy was actually a turnip. A vegetable.

aka Sar Khok

You know, that white slice of crunchy deliosio thing which the auntie will spread some dark rojak sauce (no its not Marmite) and then sprinkle with some sugar and crushed peanuts. Yep, its that Sar Khok.

So, I bought a modest sized one for RM3.69. And after figuring out how to take off the skin, I relived my childhood ignorance once again. The turnip, for my purpose, is a great replacement for pears. Both were crunchy but the sweet weepy pear tends to leave its juices everywhere. I know its also been added to rojaks (Ok, I know. I know) but I have yet to experiment when making soups. Definitely not to be included in curries except before serving, though.

Yep,this is the turnip and the sign at the vegetable section said so. Its full of earth, and dirty as if it came out from the ground

After some careful slicing, this is the result. Man, that feels satisfying!

Since I do  not have rojak sauce nor sugar nor crushed peanuts, it going into the salad I'm making next.

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