Network Cable Tracer A

Another one of those important tools. Although I seldom use this since I dealt more with Telcos, I still need to have it. It will tell you if the cable is faulty or not in a few seconds.

The seller was generous enough to give me
a free 9volt battery too as these beasts use
them like nobody's business because most
of the time, we forget to switch them off

Why I got this one was because of its design
and also the power switch located at the side
compared to others which is a slide switch.
Also, another bonus is that the tester has an
adjustable speed instead of the "Fast" & "Slow"
settings on most testers

This means, I can test at my own pace.
I just love blinking LEDs

Then I stupidly plugged into the telephone jack
where the voltage destroyed the IC. Oh well, I
think the IC is a 4017 which I can replace but
I have to find an IC socket so that I can change
it whenever it burns out again, compared to the
other testers which uses SMT, is a pain in the
backside to remove and solder

Blinking Lighter

Sometimes when I go fill up the car with petrol, I would scan the counter for new lighters. Usually, there are the normal RM1 lighters and then there are the more expensive lighters which has an LED to act as a mini light. Sometimes, they even include a compass as well. But this time, they have blinking LEDs which caught my eye. So, I bought one on the spot. Mind you, its not cheap either as they costs RM2.50 and not only that, I need to find a smoker to finish the gas before I can finally take it apart for the circuit without having it exploding in my hands.

Also, Kenny (Agrillon from SFTPMS) the lighter is RM2.50 and not RM1.00. Sorry

In less than one second, the three LEDs flashed
This is the red LED

The Orange LED

And the Blue LED

For the White LED, you'd have to push the button

Satria 3D Effect

This morning, I saw this Satria with raised pattern
maybe when it is done, it would look quite nice

Restoran Yuen Buffet Stimbot C

At after nine, there are still may people waiting
for their tables outside. Luckily, the no one is
rushing for the chicken wings anymore. But
unluckily, we're too full to take them too

32A-1, Jalan PJS 8/6
Mentari Plaza, Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel:016-2086678, 56375825

Restoran Yuen Buffet Stimbot B

OK, eveything's ready! Time to eat!

There are a lot of raw material for you to choose from

But Kristine and I usually go to the Ice Creams

What you're seeing now, are the rush for the chicken wings

Restoran Yuen Buffet Stimbot A

We had another stimbot a week ago, courtesy of Kristine's Uncle. Once in a while, it is ok as I really enjoyed them. The ones I liked was the one with the Chinese Herb soupbase and also a pan for you to fry stuff like luncheon meat. But they are hard to find.

Anyway, Yuen Restoran in Mentari Park (across Sunway Piramid) was chosen. And boy, do believe me when I say there are a lot of people. Luckily, we did put in a reservation which shortened our waiting time to just a few minutes. For those who did not, they had to wait in line and sometimes, for more than half an hour. Still the staff placed some chairs for them.

The restaurant took up three floors and every floor was packed, especially with families and also a lot of mid-20's. For you see, a stimbot is not just a meal in itself but also part of a social activity. For me, I just go there for the, well, I am not sure why I got there for anyway. Ha ha ha ha.

But after a while, they all looked the same and this is where Yuen or a certain few others, distinguished itself. Specialty dishes like chicken wings. Yuen's is Chicken Wings in Soya Sauce or something.

Kristine could not wait to start her dinner

So, we had to admonish her

There are a lot of people tonight and this is just the second floor

Why is Yuen Restoran so popular?