After the Storm

One thing I can say about lightning storm when it strikes: Money (I am so wicked) You see, when it hits, any device connected to the telephone line gets hit. So, if you're not careful, your modem, your fax machine and yes, your telephone system gets fried. And never ever use them during the storm too. And if you have the Astro Satellite dish, well, don't get your hopes too high and it makes a bad wok anyway. I shall never forget the wonders of an insulated screwdriver ever agian. In a house or building, there are two types of earthing that must be done. The most important would be the electrical earthing with the telephone coming in second, which is usually ignored most of the time. The former is usually done for (Building regulations, methinks) while the latter costs more because no one ever puts them unless they got hit ;-P Anyway, sad to say, we had a few customer who lives near open spaces and Golf Courses which require our services on Monday morning. It was so sad to see black burnt marks all over the circuit boards.

This is what I had for lunch; Smashed tofu with egg (vomit), sausages fried with onions (fingers) and potato patties (fried monkey brain). I know, because my favourite staple of the (fish crakers that breaks your teeth) was sold out.

Drinking this Lipton Mango flavoured Tea is like drinking Mango cordial with a tea bag hastily pulled out after one dunk. And I hate drinking Mango Juice here because its "Fresh" straight out of the cordial as well, and not from the fruit. Personally, I'd give this a miss