As I was coming back home towards the street again and I took one look. Yes! Tonight's sky is beautiful. So, using the tripod and the camera remote, I took a lot of this shot mainly because I forgot about the UV filter which gave a lot of reflections. This is the only few "clean" shots I am satisfied with.

And not only that, it reminds me of Tim Burton's Batman where the sky is bluish. Anytime now, the Batwing or the Bat Signal is going to show..........

Lovely rain.....

Lately, its raining more and more and when you do see clouds like these, you know its going to rain in less than three minutes or so.

Trust me, this is quarter past two in the afternoon in Kepong Baru

And this is Damansara (near The Curve) ten minute later

Kristine and the medicine

She was a bit feverish, so Mommy had to make
her take her medication. Now after some coaxing,
and diluting the medicine with water, she drank
it without any problems. Phew!

Nerf comes to Malaysia!

I am so happy Toys R us brought some of them in this time! Maybe it was the prohibition of sales of toy guns in the States and/or UK which caused this. I mean, where else would Hasbro do with the current stocks? I know its the curent stock because all the painting scheme are in yellow whereas more than three years ago, they were in blue/yellow combination.

For years, I was trying to get them locally with no such luck. Even Singapore does not have them. And most of the time, we had to use eBay. And the runny thing is, the Chinese does not even copy much except for one particular model.

Anyway, I do hope TRU are bringing more of them in soon. I was so elated, its like finding something rare in your own backyard that caused you to look all over the Earth for it in the first place. I have had mixed responses from eBay because of the postage and customs. And so, if it comes to Malaysia, it would have solved a lot of problems. Except for the money part, that is.

This is the Nerf Nite Finder which I bought for RM35.95 or so.
Nothing spectacular except that you stuff in 2xAA batteries
under the gun's grip to light up a red LED behind the lens.

Its said to be an improvement over the Nerf Scout (won from eBay)
But for me, its not going to be an issue because I am going to take it
apart and cut it up anyway.

Outside Toys R Us, there is the play area for children.
Kristine and Kaelynn showing how dirty their feet are
because everyone (including parents) did not take off
their shoes despite my subtle warnings to them. Oh,
and Kristine nearly started a fight with three girls over
a house but i eventually ended up in a stand-off.

When I woke up late this morning, Kristine took me
Nerf to play while Kaelynn took my favourite Scout

This is the Nerf Longshot which I am hoping they
would come to Malaysia. Potential prop material

This is the Nerf Disk Shot which I am REALLY hoping
they would come to Malaysia. Until then, the Scout is
still my favourite Nerf.

This is the CS-6, interchangeable Nerf weapon. Well,
its going to take some time to like it eventually. Its a
Nerf weapon which allows you to modify it depending
on what firepower (read: Mission) you need it for.

The problem of thinking too hard

This case is a problem from all levels. The customer has three floors of office. Initially, only the Main Office wanted a PABX to replace its ageing NEC system. So no problem there. Then the upper floor office wanted a PABX as well. And we were reccommended to them since out job was satisfactory. And when the second floor job was done, we were introduced to the third floor office was well! By this time, we realised they were all inter-related with the lowest office being the Headquarters. The two upper floor offices were not "shown" at the main office's board because they were relatively new. We did introduce a bigger Panasonic model which is capable of serving all three offices but were refused. So, we had to install three Panasonic KX-TDA200 instead.

Now, here is the big problem: All the three offices would like to communicate with each other.

They would like to talk to each other without having to use the Telekom lines which charges for every call. So I was tasked to solve this problem. Having been servicing Toshiba systems for years, the most obvious solution would be to use the DISA (Direct Inward System Access - a Toshiba Term). All I would have to do is to connect a SLT (single-line port) to an incoming CO port and vice versa between each system, and thus a pair of channels were born!. After having created three pairs of channels, I realised I took a bit off more than I could chew because in the Panasonic TDA PABX, a DISA system requires you to have some external cards. So, I was literally knocking my head on the wall for days or even weeks.

It was not until went to my Sundance Forum that MrGemini pointed out the obvious to me. I was so engrossed with using DISA that I overlooked the answer which was right in front of me! So, now all I have to do is to follow up on my SLT-CO channel creation with a series of codes where each extension on each floor (except for the Main Office which would prefer to have to SLT ports instead) would have to enter in order to access any one of the three channels available to them. The reason is because almost 98% of the extensions are SLT. And then, once they got through to the other Panasonic PABX, all they have to do is to dial the extension. I had to deny these systems from giving the caller the ability to grab an outgoing line as this might have detrimental effect for all offices concerned. The solution is then to place these SLT ports in COS (Class of Service) that denies them from dialing a 9 followed with any digit after it.

It sounded almost to easy but then, because the Panasonic is relatively new to me, I had to struggle with the TDA software for a while as the Trunk Groups, COS and External Call Block segments are my main obstruction.

So, the solution is as follows:

Original code to access CO Line 13 and then dial the extension 211, and they cannot dial any numbers starting with 90- to 99:
[*37013 + 211]

Modified code to access CO Line 13 and then dial the extension 211, and they cannot dial any numbers starting with 90- to 99:
[7013 + 211]

We installed the Panasonic system but using
Toshiba cabling methods using Krone connection
modules. pardon the mess as I was testing both
connections using SLT ports from both floors.

Waterproof Boxing

My Boss has recently highlighted to me that most of our CCTV customers have had their CCTV installed outdoors. This could be a very big problem in the near future. the reasoning behind this is simple: When connectors are exposed to the environment, it will be compromised sooner or later. And not only that, any person with suspect intentions can easily disrupt the cables (and the power supply), thus rendering them useless.

My task is to look for a suitable casing in order to protect these points of interest. But after weeks of searching, the boxes were either too small or too expensive. And so, after some searching my Boss found the ideal case. However, so was the price! But still, the case is enough for us to do a case study. Still, if its successful, we might negotiate for a better price for our customers.

I was playing with the idea if using these little stubs
and the come with different diameters. But in the
end, I think we'll settle for flexible hoses

The casing which is ideal for our purpose. It even has those
waterproof seals (right). It has the right depth to house the
3-point power plug and the 12v adaptor.

The Wonders of traffic Jam

It does not matter what car you have. From a RM5,000
junk to half a Million Ringgit or more, once you are stuck
in a traffic jam, everyone is the same. This is the great
Equaliser. After that, make sur your car is fast enough
to escape the embarrassment of being stuck with peasants

I got robbed!

It was on a Friday evening that the event happened. After finishing installing a Call Billing Software at my customer and bading farewell to my technician for the day, I went to my car. Because it was raining, I decided to take a turn behind my customer's office and then it happened.

I saw them before they saw me but when I tried to turn away, it was too late.

Men: Boss, what you want?
Me: Er, nothing. Nothing at all
Men: Sure or not?
Me: Yeah. Er, bye. Hey, have I seen you somewhere before? [I walked closer to have a better look]
Men: Not really.

And the trap was sprung. There was no way to escape. And I saw it with my own eyes, just in front of me, ready for the taking. Damn it to Hell. My body was ready to leave but my mind was adamant for the fix. It needed it badly like a junkie to a fresh snort of cocaine.

Me: Can you keep this for me? Its only ten days before my salary comes in
Men: Nope. You can always use this [Credit card machine]
Me: Oh, please, please. Pretty please?
Men: It might not be here in ten days time.......... [They are good, I tell you]
Me: Er, ah, uh, mmm............
Men: Its valid, we're been here for years and no surcharge
Me: Umm.............. ah what the heck. I'll take it!

Appleseed: Ex Machina and 20 discs of all Star Trek Movies [Director's Cut]
Including First Contact which I was looking for it for years

The Cable

Sometimes, when we are asked to solve a problem, we really have to use our wits and also any other (legal) means so that the job does not drag on. Because the longer you are there, the more it will cost the company. And sometimes, we really have to fight with our inner demons too.

Anyway, it all started when our customer asked us to solve the problem of an incoming line which has crackling noises. They have called in Telekom which as expected, told them the cable was not their problem. So, I had to send my technician to take a look to determine if we could solve it or not (since I was too busy with other service calls). My tech took one look at it and advised for the customer to lay a fresh cable. But since he does not have any fresh cable (as his mode of transport was the motorbike), I have to do the follow up job.

When I was there, I took a look at it and say (in my heart), "This can be repaired!". The reason why I was reluctant to lay a fresh cable was that the current cable/s are lying outside the balcony and it would be very dangerous to step out there alone. Second, well, second, the cables below the balcony are a mess and it would be a very dirty job.

This is the cable. When I moved it for a closer
look, the orange pair came off...

So! since it was not protected from the harsh
weather, the rain came in and did a little
electrolysis which corroded the cable and made
it useless.

When I opened the protective sheaths, the copper
inside were black. This indicates that the cable has
been wet before. Where the cable rusted were the
signs of copper sulfate (green stuff)

So, I took another pair of cable and used it to join
both ends. Voila! The line is not crackling anymore
and has pure dialing tone!

This is the reason why I do not want to
mess with the existing cables. I have
done this last year and it was messy

You can even see a bird nest (on the bottom left) and
a pigeon here.

The trip down South

In just less than a week, I was to go outstation again. This time, South. I had two places to go, namely Seremban and Kulai. Knowing that Kulai is the furthest, it will be my first stop since Seremban's is to return a repaired phone. I am confident that I will be able to complete the two calls.

But this was not to be so. Boss was in a very bad mood the whole week. And he is looking for scapegoats to vent his frustrations. And because of new directive, I had a lot of paperwork which bogged me down until eleven in the morning. By then, I really had to rush for the trip. I was travelling a little over 90 trying to cover the long distance but in the end, it was for naught. By the time I was in Kulai, it was too late to get to Seremban and the customer is not interested in waiting until seven thirty in the evening.

So, the next morning, I was the scapegoat. I know my Boss's tactic of venting on me that morning. He took my trip's problem as a case study and tried to pin something on me. First, he asked others in the meeting that if they were me, which customer should I go first and the answer was Kulai. Both my technicians kept quiet. Not satisfied, he then calculated the time needed to take to each destination on the board, with me adding the actual figures for him. And still, he was not satisfied. He wanted the answer to be Seremban but the facts stated otherwise. One last try, I was to be chided for not informing the customer earlier. Lastly, I added the fact that the call in Kulai was more important as it dealt with system programming. But I left it at that because I know it will be an exercise in futility since he is the type of Chinaman who needs "Face" and authority and I have painted him into a corner unwittingly.

I know his bad mood was not because of anything but cash problems in the company. Still, his effect has shaken my team of technicians which I have built for some time. Just last week, one just walked off and refused to have lunch with him after his outburst. If this keeps going on, its a matter of time before the whole team cracks and my technicians all walk out on me. Sometimes, I am also thinking, why the fuck should I sacrifice so much for so little and still have to keep my temper while he does not?

I know he is taking inspiration and mirroring it from another customer where the Boss is quite personal and friendly (but with temper too). And my counterpart in that customer's company? A worried, scared and loyal Manager who is always on his toes. I don't want to end up being that kind of fucked up spineless cunt like that.

So, today is going to be a nice day

Solved the problem in Kulai and now, onwards to Seremban!

By the way, popped by Toyota and they're giving this
for even purchase of the new Toyota Altis. Mind you,
this is extremely limited edition. From the looks of it,
I think this could be from the same company who made
Mini-Z R/C cars; Kyosho. The tell tale signs were the fine
and detailed mouldings of the body

Oh-oh. rain is coming. Better leave fast!

These are I think, less than a week old. A plant
on a big bowl supported by three balls which
are not even cemented or bolted on. Imagine if
a vehicle accidentally brushed on it or a strong
wind blowing........

See? One of them fell already. I was here earlier but
did not take the photos since I was in a rush.

Ah, the evening sky! I could have stopped and took a
better photo but I was "rushing" to get to Seremban
which was too late. I should have stopped and to Hell
with everything.

Just fix it, OK?

Customer gave me this PC. He said to check on the software
(Call Billing) if it works or not. When I opened the PC, I saw
a lot of crap on the screen. I am not going to clean the icons
away. Besides, they changed the password on the software
and both serial COM ports are not working. Haih.

New Ding Dong Bell

It was just a matter of time before it happened. The wireless doorbell that survived the harsh weather has just broke. I should have thought about weather-proofing it but I just kept forgetting about it. So, this is my problem. I had no choice but to get a new one since the old doorbell is now beyond function. I mean, I could really look into it and replace the faulty parts but knowing me, it won't happen anytime soon.

This is the old doorbell. Note the water damage to both
the circuit board and the battery terminals. See the top
part of the circuit board, the wavy lines are actually its
antenna. I'll epxlain later why this is so important.

Here is a closer look. Based on what I see, I just hope that
the capacitor is the only component damaged by water

This is the new doorbell, which costs me slightly more
It does not have volume selection and the melodies,
although are nice, is a one-button push affair. There is
a switch at the back which turns on an extra recording
saying "Assallamualaikum"

This is the new doorbell. Note the lines at the bottom
of the circuit board. Its the antenna. Notice the minimal
count of electronic components. Its using the same RF
chip, though. Hmmm... maybe I should R&D on this IC

Thanks to KFC, the new doorbell is now splash-proof!

Do you want fries with that?

Remember the problem with the antenna? Once I mount
it up to the gate, the doorbell refused to work. There must
be something interfering behind the concrete as when I
moved the doorbell a few inches away, it worked. But then,
it is impossible to make another hole for that. So, I opened
both doorbell units and soldered some (red) wires in the
hopes of improving the RF communication. But then, I am
not a Communications expert. Still, in the end, it did work,
but slighty better


For five weeks, I have been going to this
customer at least two times a week. Now
the work is done. Until we discover there
is no extra Network cable and my tech
broke one of the CCTV's bracket......
Oh well, here we go again!

The message

Sometimes when one party needs to locate a line, they
will leave a sign or message to another party once they
have found it for them. And sometimes, the message
are quite funny, But this one, has a double meaning
although the end is the same.

Towards a better mind

Thanks to Ronald, the 512MB RAM from Hong Kong is finally here. It is here. Here! And it will be in my hands soon!

That is, if I can find the bloody time to go and collect it. Yeah, I am so busy with my job now, I cannot even tell you exactly if I can commit to any appointments I have made due to my hectic schedules. But finally, after more than a week, I got my chance. I have a customer in Jalan Ipoh who is quite close to the collection point.

I tell you, this is the most narrow street I have
ever driven into. The space is for one and half
cars only and you can't park even by the side

This is what happned when you do that. This lady
just stopped her car and rushed in, leaving her
kids playing with the steering wheel summore.
I did not horn her by a motorcyclist did

Anyway, the RAM is here! And its HKD690 (RM282) which
is way cheaper from Internet or Low Yatt As they cost about
and average of RM250 to RM450. And that is not including
postage! I hearts Ronald! (Yeah, its weird for me to say that)

Hokay, this is my Notebook's current memory: 384MB

I take out the 128MB, slot in the new 512MB but left
the 256MB alone. Should I get another 512MB?

And now I realised, I should not have left my Notebook on
[Hibernate] but [Shut Down] instead. Doing this is like
waking up in mid air when you're supposed to be on the bed

And now, there's 786MB RAM in there! And my Notebook speed went
Super Duper fast!
There is no marked increase in performance. The stewpid Hard disk still
spin like crazy and things took agens to load. However, when nothing is
running, viewwing my D50 pictures was fast(er) than before. Oh well.
Maybe I should get my friend to open up the Notebook and place a faster
Pentium processor in there......

Still, I am happy and its a good reason to drink a can of Coke
and a bag of keropok bawang. Thank the lucky stars that no
one was at home when I came back to do all these or else the
RAM might be in pieces, my keropok "stolen" and my can of
Coke confiscated (not supposed to have too much sugar)

The 300 meter rain

100 metres: Raining cats and Dogs and flash floods too

200 meters: Raining tigers and wolves

300 metres: raining kittens and puppies