Waterproof Boxing

My Boss has recently highlighted to me that most of our CCTV customers have had their CCTV installed outdoors. This could be a very big problem in the near future. the reasoning behind this is simple: When connectors are exposed to the environment, it will be compromised sooner or later. And not only that, any person with suspect intentions can easily disrupt the cables (and the power supply), thus rendering them useless.

My task is to look for a suitable casing in order to protect these points of interest. But after weeks of searching, the boxes were either too small or too expensive. And so, after some searching my Boss found the ideal case. However, so was the price! But still, the case is enough for us to do a case study. Still, if its successful, we might negotiate for a better price for our customers.

I was playing with the idea if using these little stubs
and the come with different diameters. But in the
end, I think we'll settle for flexible hoses

The casing which is ideal for our purpose. It even has those
waterproof seals (right). It has the right depth to house the
3-point power plug and the 12v adaptor.

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