Three day MC

Maybe it was the soft and comfortable bed at Westin.

Maybe it was my carrying Krsitine and Kaelynn for the past two days.

But whatever it was, I have twisted my back just as soon as I started work at three in the afternoon yesterday. It was a very simple act of picking up a small lightweight bag. And because it was light, I took it for granted and just picked it up by binding my waist........

Within hours, it was so painful at night that I needed my Wife's help to go to the washroom.

And by this morning, I could not even stand up. So, I spend the rest of the day lying there like a paralysed patient. And feeling very bored as well. My mobile phone kept ringing non-stop as this week, we had a lot of backlog to clear, and they're not simple customer visits either.

By the time my wife came back, we needed to go to the nearby University Hospital. And so, sitting in the wheelchair for almost three and a half-hours with no Notebook, comics or even a piece of A4 paper for me to do some sketching. This was the main reason why I did not want to go there in the first place.

After a stern lecture by the friendly Doctor, I was told to bend the correct way (which I usually do, with the back straight and knees bent), not to carry any weights for the next two weeks (Ha. Ha. Wei, I got a lof of work to do la) and gave me a three day MC.

She asked, "Why you wait so long to come and see me?"
I replied, This is 24-hour Hospital so, I have to wait for 24 hours ma"
So she replied with me getting a shot in the butt

She didn't get the joke and I don't think my Wife got it either.

Doc says, take these painkillers twice a day and use the ointment
to rub the back in case the pain persists.