Fluorescent Lipstick

We all know that it is an orange fluorescent marker.
But as far as Kaelynn is concerned, it is a lipstick just
like her elder sister's (Which was a toy sweet lipstick)
Minutes after her bath, she was ready to use her new
lipstick. And people wonder why I looked so stressed

To my customers

As I worked and gazed at my customer's PABX system, I realised that we are still very lucky to have customers long after the last remaining Director has been kicked out. We are lucky that we still have business. Coincidence or not, after the departure, we have more business than before, in fact, our business picked up.

I am thankful everyday I still have a place to work eventhough it could be better.
I am thankful that our customer still believes in us.
I am thankful that our kids are never hungry.

With time, and a little bit more luck, we can overcome this.

And we can prove to the World again, that we are better and we are still in business. And thank you for your support.

This is a Panasonic KX-TDA200 with capacity for:
32 incoming lines, 48 Digital Phones and 64
Single Line Telephones.

Security FloodLights

You know, if I were to buy this in the 80's, it would have cost us a bomb. Its one of those gadgets which switches on the lights when someone/something moving triggers its sensors. You know, when you walk in front one of your neighbour's house, the light shines at you. Or when you try to pee in your own garden at four in the morning.........

Anyway, I was attracted to it at first but abandoned the idea after someone told me that it is also a sign telling the thieves that there is something valuable inside the house.

This is how it will look like if you mount it on
the wall. You have the lights at the bottom
and the sensor at the top.

Another view from the side. Looks a bit weird

And its from Philips. How much, I am not sure.

You can set the light sensitivity and also maybe, how long
it will shone before shutting itself off. Strangely, does this
look like a funny and drunk alien to you?

I need more RAM!

Years ago, having 128MB of RAM while running Windows 98SE was enough. Then, I had it increased to 384MB, which gave me a piece of mind and speeded up my work. When Windows XP came, my Toshiba Notebook ran like a strong mule with four amputated legs. The problem was, although the Notebook can accept up to a maximum memory of 1GB, the RAM modules, which comes in a maximum of 512MB size only, are now very very obsolete. And to buy one now, would have cost a lot. For example, a Kingston 512MB SO-DIMM PC133 memory is now selling about RM500 or thereabouts and if I need one, they would have to order it for me. A
current 512 DDR would have cost four times less.


So, anyone has these kind of memory that they do not want? I have to search for used RAMs now. Even Lelong.com.my does not have them anymore. But I am now trying on eBay.com.my, though. Before going to Low Yatt where I have to fork out RM400 or more.

Memory............ I forget

Saturday Morning in the Office

This morning, was pretty much like a Saturday I experienced in my old company. We sort of just sat down, did our work, called our colleagues for fun, made fun of technicians when they asked for support and also, drank cups or coffee. But here, it is slightly different in the sense that I get to sit IN the office without much interruption, no technicians to make fun of, and enjoying my chat with nex.

That is, until my Notebook hang for at least 45 minutes while its hard disk spun like nobody's business. And then my wife called. We'll, you know what happened next, as any married man will tell you. Ha ha ha

I saw this from of the tables and had to "borrow" it

Then, with nothing much to do, I decided to clean up our fax machine
which we usually loan to customers while waiting for theirs to be
repaired. The problem is that the fax is sending out "dirty" pictures.
And culprit was none other than a set of dusty mirrors in the machine

After the clear up, the fax is much better.
You can see the difference on the two sheets of paper

Just for nex

Everything's all set for nex!
But then, someone chose to go KK next year. Haih