To my customers

As I worked and gazed at my customer's PABX system, I realised that we are still very lucky to have customers long after the last remaining Director has been kicked out. We are lucky that we still have business. Coincidence or not, after the departure, we have more business than before, in fact, our business picked up.

I am thankful everyday I still have a place to work eventhough it could be better.
I am thankful that our customer still believes in us.
I am thankful that our kids are never hungry.

With time, and a little bit more luck, we can overcome this.

And we can prove to the World again, that we are better and we are still in business. And thank you for your support.

This is a Panasonic KX-TDA200 with capacity for:
32 incoming lines, 48 Digital Phones and 64
Single Line Telephones.

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