The beard

I am very sad today. The Home Ministry has given me three verbal warnings. Either the beard goes or... the beard goes.

This is the result of a 12-day effort.

As you can see, chicken pox really mess up your
beard intentions.

Maybe I can appease the Home Ministry with just
a shave to the sides, from the sideburns to the jaw...

OK, that did not go down well. Maybe a bit
more trimming... Will she like it?

Nope. Now, let's try another style...

Yes, the moustache & square goatee combo!

Nah. That will not pass either.

Maybe a little bit more trim and a smile.
Now I go and get approval. Maybe cute up my eyes
too. Yeah, that will work...

Sheesh. That was horrible! Can't a man have
his beard and like it too?
I hate this style. It makes me look fat and my
cheeks look bloated. You know how I feel?

Yeah. Like a Castrated Dumb-ass.
Oh well, another 12 days more.....

F1 Mishap

Button suffered a near Escape severe dislocation on F1.

Unfortunately, where Help was expected, it was not forthcoming due to technical issues.

Saturday Breakfast

No school today and so, they get to make their own breakfast without burning the house down.