The beard

I am very sad today. The Home Ministry has given me three verbal warnings. Either the beard goes or... the beard goes.

This is the result of a 12-day effort.

As you can see, chicken pox really mess up your
beard intentions.

Maybe I can appease the Home Ministry with just
a shave to the sides, from the sideburns to the jaw...

OK, that did not go down well. Maybe a bit
more trimming... Will she like it?

Nope. Now, let's try another style...

Yes, the moustache & square goatee combo!

Nah. That will not pass either.

Maybe a little bit more trim and a smile.
Now I go and get approval. Maybe cute up my eyes
too. Yeah, that will work...

Sheesh. That was horrible! Can't a man have
his beard and like it too?
I hate this style. It makes me look fat and my
cheeks look bloated. You know how I feel?

Yeah. Like a Castrated Dumb-ass.
Oh well, another 12 days more.....

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