Sunday Morning Market

Such a beautiful Sunday morning and it would be a shame to let it go to waste. So, since Wife wants to go to the wet market, I decided that its also a good time to bring the girls or at least, one of them there. So, they would know how much trouble Mommy has to go to cook the food they push to one side every evening.

Yeah, if there was a ratan store, I can also show the girls where to get my supplies. They just seem to 'disappear' most of the time.

Eenie, minni, mynie, mo.
Who wants to go...
And so, here we have Kristine helping Mommy with the shopping

No, she is not unhappy because of this. I will tell you later, why.
I was tempted to get one of these De Agostini magazines but then, logic prevails.
OK, so the first intro issue is RM9.90 but once you buy them, the subsequent issues are RM29.90 each.
Fine if you can afford it, since they come in say, 25 issues or so, you do the math. And this is the 2008 car.
But despite all these, ask yourself, what if, you miss an issue or that the distributor did not bring that one issue in?
Massimo is still King.
And so are the Kayas, you sweet-tooth Malaysian, you.
Coming back to Kristine, the reason she is a bit under the weather is because she has a mouth ulcer.

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