Quick Neuralyzer Part 1

Remember a some posts ago I was cutting some SRBP circuit board? They were for this project. This is a quick prop for The Outpost. They needed a Men In Black Neuralyzer for the movie promotion. The problem is, there is no way anyone can get a Neuralyzer within such a short time. And even if there is one, its too expensive. Moreover, the toys for the new movie is not even in yet.

So, the solution must be from another dimension...

What Richard wanted was something which looked like a Neuralyzer and not necessary a real one. Okay, this eases the pressure a bit but it must be done within three weeks...

So, I have two challenges ahead. One is the electronics which have done within the time period. The other, is to make everything work in the casing given by Richard, which, incidently was a metal cigar tube.
The board is for the electronics which I have programed the chip

Everything is ready, except for one minor thing. Batteries!!!
So, with everything done, there is one small problem which I overlooked. The batteries to make it work. There is no way I can use some AAA batteries in there. And so, I have to look for some button cell batteries which is a problem because for these batteries, there are no standard battery holders available... Oh-oh.

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