Vee-Chai's new Brake Lights Part II

With the module complete and fully tested, now is the time to get it into Vee-Chai. Its a very simple operation with minimal tools such as a blade, a pair of pliers and a screwdriver. Oh, and a wrench. Some towels too. Don't forget the cool drink and a pair of sunglasses.

Or maybe, just pay RM10.00 to the mechanic at any Car Accessory shop to help you do this....

This is how the Third Brake Light looks like with the bulb inside.

And this is the original casing for the Third Brake Light. There are no screws and it just took me a few minutes to figure this out. I forgot most car manufacturers now uses plastic 'thumbtacks'
Slowly, locate these 'thumbtacks' at the sides of the casing and using a blade, slowly ease them out.
Using the pliers, pull the 'thumbtacks' out but don't throw them away. Not only does it cost a few Ringgit a pair, its not easy to find them.
See the Yellow arrow above? I forgot why I need to put the yellow arrow but it must be important. So, help me by staring at it for a few minutes.
You need to remove the two nuts which bolts the original brake holder to the car's rear hatch. The glass is blocking you from removing the red lens. You need to do this only once because you need to put in the whole LED module inside.
Once the whole unit is out, you can tell your friend/Wife/GF/cat/dog/brick. etc to stop pressing on the brake pedal as the bulb is very hot. And it is also blinding you (this is also the time to wear your sunglasses).
This is how the original Third Brake Light casing looks like. You can now use a piece of cloth to pull the hot bulb out. Well, just maybe, you might want to put the bulb in a safe place for future use.
See the importance of the white connector? It is the same shape as that of the original bulb.
Slowly push the connector into the bulb holder and you must hold on to the grey part (top part of the picture) for strength. If everything is done correctly, you will hear a click which means the plug is now locked in position. If you hear a crack this means the silver reflector is broken bcause you held them by the sides.

Note that there are a pair of white double-sided tapes on the LED module which you can use to secure it to the Third Brake Light's original casing
One thing I would like to add is that the manufacturer also gave me a clear transparent Lens to replace the original red cover but on hindsight, I decided to stick with the original red lens.
Although this might look 'in style' with the other light clusters, I do not want to show-off that there are LEDs inside until I start using them.
So, now all you need to do is to bolt the casing back on, slot in the cover and push in the 'thumbtacks' and you're done.
Oh, and for the cool drink, its for the Wife/GF/Cat/Dog, etc. but not the brick.
Thanks to my over enthusiastic girls for helping on this little project.
Hope this helps you too.

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