Stupid day

Today is a very challenging day for me. It made me lose my temper and also ignore the beautiful girls in front of me. Well, then again, I usually ignore a lot of people anyway.

It started when I got out of the van. The calls were coming to my Mobile Phone non stop. As soon as I answer one, there is another call in the queue. And each call lasts me an average of five minutes. I had to switch from ear to ear, wipe off the sweat and handle with the headaches (really). So, for forty minutes or so, I was rooted to the spot and I was quite pissed because I AM paying for the parking which costs me RM2.50 per hour. And I still have not even done anything nor walked into the customer's place.

After that, I stomped all the way to the customer's office with the phone ringing all the way. And then there is the customer in Berjaya Times Square, where they have a lot of beautiful women (because it was a beauty centre) and I snapped when they asked me about my name, my company etc. before I can get to the actual customer. I really hate this when the receptionist asks a lot of these stupid questions. And because my PDA is dead (for more than a month now), I could not find the local number for one of the supplier's contact, I had to use my mobile phone to call International only to have his voice message come on. Twice. After that, only then did the beautiful customer surfed the website for the number since my office girl was on her lunch break, stupid Telekom does not have thier number as well.

And then the stupid flaps in the Notebook bag got stuck into one of the zippers. By the time I got it free, the zip broke. And I have to get a new Notebook bag or else everything will fall out.

Damn, this is a bad day.

Usually, this phone lasts me two days on a single charge
And just after a few hour's use........

Isolinear Reader

Remember the calculator I got? The idea came while I was on one of those outstation trips. I mean, sure you have Optical Isolinear Chips for 2.15 kiloquads of data storage. And not only are they easily corrupted, they are very common for handheld devices such as PADDs and Tricorders. So, how can you tell if the Isolinear Chip is faulty?

You need an Isolinear Chip scanner, of course! Ha ha ha ha ha!

This is a suggested mock-up done in software
Things might change when I have the TIME to
really design the electronics. It will have some
LED sequence and sound (or maybe not)

So punny

I just love this ad. Its so funny
Reminds me of some cartoon when the scientist admonish
the Hero for "Taking the piss out of urine"

Goma Salmon Don @ Sakae Sushi

This is the Goma Salmon Don (RM10.90)
Basically, its fresh salmon on top of sushi rice or something
I don't care what it is. I just love it and if money was not a
problem, i would like to have it everyday. With wasabi too
Damn. Its delicious. I just love Donburi stuff. Last time, it was
just Chicken Satsu Don or something like that. I didn't know this
existed until we went to Sakae Sushi and ordered the dishes by