Bathroom modeling

It usually takes some time when it comes to filling Kristine's bath tub. So, I decided to pass the time by getting Wolvering to do some modelling since he is made of plastic and I do not have to worry much about rusts. The shots were not that great because it was spur of the moment but one day, when I have a bit more time, I will improve on it.

The problem was that the bathroom had insufficient lighting and the only way to get that shot was to use the flash. I always like to take photos without flash and this is one of the times which I really wished I could. This is because the water was "moving" so it tends to create a very nice water effect. But because of the dim 40 watt bulb, I had to use the flash, which picked up way too much details, esp the water droplets from the shower. But be warned, I have touched up on the photo by giving it the zoom effect to enhance the water. These shots took longer than I expected because it was quite hard to make sure the double-sided tapes stick to the bath tub and as a result, by the time I was ready, the water filled up to Wolverine's waist.

And there goes my back too since I was crouching all the while to get that shot. Ouch!

This is the shot without the flash

This is the shot with the flash