The day we moved

OK, today is D-Day. This is the day where we moved all our stuff hoarded from the last century to a new museu.... er, place. We have booked for a 10-ton lorry which will make two trips for a very good price. So, let's roll out!

This is part of the house where you can see junk/stuff mingled in
a mangled fashion.

And trust me, this is just only 20% of the stuff. The rest are still
in the house. Mine? I have move all of them almost every night
using the car. We have engaged two Indonesian guys to help us
today and also yesterday

So, the lorry (which was supposed to arrive at 11AM) came at 12
We were quite disappointed because this is not a 10-ton lorry.
More like half of it. And the floor is full of rough sand. Not only
that, the lorry driver sprained his leg. We had to rush to put
everything because the sly looked as if it might rain and also
his tarpaulin is full of holes. Later on, he even had the gall to
tell us to get some lunch for him.

And after trying to get rid of the sand onto our driveway, he
decided to just tilt the contents instead, with all the dust
going onto my wife's car

This is his cabin. Notice that these seats are for tough people
And it still seem that the "worker" water can is still in fashion

By lunch, everything that cannot be transported by car has been
stacked. But this means we have to make a lot of trips by ourselves
using our own cars, which is time consuming. So, I am going to ask
my company to help

[Update: 02.01.2007]
Its very weird living here because it just struck me that during the evening where the neighbours all come out for a walk, everying is in their mid-thirties like us and had a baby or two. There are no old people nor teenagers. Just us thirty something people.

Oh, and the morning drive to my office is a Hellish 2 hours. Maybe I should get a MP3 player or convince my wife to let me buy the Sony Ericsson w710i handphone because we can't find my iPaq4350 after the bloody shift. sigh

Oh, and there is no free WiFi either. aarghh!