28112012 Trip to KK

Yes, its another trip there. And also, this time, its MY turn to bring MY stuff over, to stuff MY new Workshop. Ha ha ha... Yes, you read that right, MY NEW WORKSHOP! A place where I can hide from the rest of the work while doing something productive. And yeah, I'll be bringing my 'to-do' bin (as soon as I can figure out how, since its full of stuff...)

Yes, this is most of my stuff, except for the big silver spaceship, which is the NX-01 from the Star trek Series, Enterprise. That belongs to another friend. This is the infamous 'battle damaged' Enterprise.

And at the back seat, well, its full of my stuff too. A nice partly built Titanic is in there, plus a vintage Tamiya Flakpanzer.

First and foremost, a meal of Nasi Ambang. This is the one being sold at Petronas on the way there. The way Petronas does this, I think, is to help local business. But you won't find this on other Petronas Stations, mind you.

The faint smear on the floor? Thats the amount of dust accumulated since our last visit and its only 1/8 of the kitchen area.

After a few more hours..... yes!

Oh-oh. My stash space is going to fill up the room soon and I still have not gotten a table yet. Yes, its growing at an exponential rate... yikes.

This is a meet your neighbour session. Actually, its a Neighbourhood meeting, the determine the new committee for 2012 and the G&G option. I wanted to suggest a lot of things but at this time, its best to keep my mouth shut. I mean, no one is going to agree to armed escorts but I did manage to convince the group to relocate the Guard House to a must better spot.