Today is Thursday

Whole day working. Was dismantling a PABX from Jalan Masjid India alopng with their wooden cabinets. Then we have to bring them all to the new office in Jalan Sultan Ismail. It was tiring as the items were very heavy

Work, work, work.

Worked like a Dog.

Woof! Woof!

I have two technicians under me now and then newest one needs contant supervision. So, this saps my already "mental" brain.

Work, work, work.

Worked like a Dog.

Woof! Woof!

1830: My phone rings (for the 12th time)
Him: Hey, you still there?
Me: Yeah, we're about to finish but the customer can't make up their mind where to put the tables. This means we can't put the phones yet
Him: Do you know what time it is now?
Me: Half-past six, lor.
Him: Do you know what day today is?
Me: Thursday, ma. Why?
Him: Its Tong Chit, la. (Chinese Winter Solstice)
Me: Oh, shit. I thought it was tomorrow
Him: Nope. So, you'd better go home now.
Me: What? In this evening jam? (As I peered out of the 22th floor window)

1900: My phone rings (for the I-also-dunno-how-many time)
His Brother: Yo! Where are you now?
Me: Happily jamming away in Jalan Sultain Ismail (took me 15 minutes to get out and get stuck for 100 metres)
His brother: Can you pick me up at Sungei Wang area?
Me: What!? (This means a wonderful U-turn in the jam, so, not very happy about this)
His brother: I met with an accident
Me: *Switch Emergency mode* Shift gear, cut lanes, curse other cars for not moving and also bully other cars to cut into their lanes
His brother: How soon can you be there?
Me: About 15 minutes or so
His brother: Hurry, please.

1904: *Ring* *Ring*
Him: Where are you now?
Me: Somewhere near The Weld (Jalan Raja Chulan). Your brother met with an accident
Him: Sigh. Yeah, he just called. Can you make it?

1940: *Ring* *Ring*
Me: Hoi! I am here! Where the heck are you!
His brother: Er, I am on the way, just passed by the Bomba (in Jalan Imbi)
Me: OK, I am waiting here beside the Karaoke Lounge at Imbi Plaza
*Popped open car bonnet to pretend car has heating problems*

Wah! So dirty, my car!
(One day I went through a mud puddle unintentionally)

Later in the car, after helping him remove his stuff. With his diffculty opening the car's door and removing his jacket, I suspect serious internal injury.:
Me: So, what happened?
His brother: I was riding my bike at Jalan Kuching to KL when this car swerved into my lane and hit me with his bumper.
Me: Hah!? You got hit there and you want me to pick you up here? (In Sungei Wang)
His brother: Well, I had to hand over the keys to a customer here, ma.
Me: You should have gone to hospital, you know.
His brother: Nah, need to finish work first and besides, I need to go home to get the cash for the Doctor's Bill.
Me: ...............
His brother: So, I asked the guy (who hit me) to take me here instead.
Me: Ok, so now its to your house, right?
His brother: Yeah.
Me: You want me to adjust the seat for you to lie down?
His brother: No, its just the right angle for the arm. I can rest it like this.
Me: *looked at him more closely*
His brother: My arms swollen and its numb, see my face? Is swollen on the right too.
Me: *and I looked down at his legs* How fast were you going?

His brother: At 80Kmh
Me: Lucky you're still here (alive) and in one piece
His brother: Yea, at least my swollen arm is still numb (but painful)
Me: Sorry for my car's hard suspension, ah.
His brother: .....................

*Ring* *Ring*
Him: What's the status now?
Me: He's with me
Him: Has he gotten the details of the accident and the other driver?
His brother:, no.
Me: No. But his arms swollen, his face is swollen and he is bleeding at the knee
Him: Sigh.

*Ring* *ring*
Wife: Where are you now? Your parents are waiting for you for the Praying Ceremony
Me: I'll be a bit late. His brother met with an accident and we're driving him back to his house
Wife: OK, then take your time, don't rush (like a maniac)
Me: Right. Be back by 2145 ETA

His brother: I wonder if my Wife already knows about it (accident). She would freak out
Me: I hope now, with her current condition (one more week to delivery). Don't want her to have more stress than it is. Have you registered with the Hospital?
His brother: No, we're going there this Saturday.
Me: Who is you Doctor and which room?
His brother: We're going there this Saturday to sort things out
Me: You'b better because its Christmas Eve and they could be on leave next week
His brother: Yeah (sigh). But I can't go home like this.
Me: Tell her you fell and scraped your knee
His brother: My swollen face?
Me: And hit a wall
His brother: My arm?
Me: You can hide this, wat
His brother: Not that easy la.
Me: Well, you have to think of something because we're outside your house now

His panicked Wife rushed to come out, looked and him, "Hei! (....whisper...whisper...)"

His brother: (...whisper...whisper...)
Me: Yeah, you're welcome and good night too

[Update: 24.12.2005]
We just heard that his Wife gave birth to a baby girl while he was on M.C. yesterday