KFC for the Hols

Today is, I think, Thaipusam. But I still have to work. So, this means its not a Holiday for me. Boo-hoo. But since all our customers are also on Holiday, I am literally free.

And so, I used the time to reorganise my table and clear all the unwanted pieces of paper. There were a lot of documents that needs to be file and archived. By the time I finished one file, it was already lunch-time. And for lunch, Boss treated everyone for some KFC. Yeah!

Because I am not so particular with drinks and
choice of chicken, etc. I just ate what was 'left'
from the distributed boxes. It's free and I still
cannot understand why the rest of the staff
have to be so choosy between spicy and original.

And so, I got spicy since most people here do not eat
spicy stuff. This is so weird.

There you go, my 1980's original KFC Burger
before they implemented it a few years ago.

And again, I got more coleslaw than my own share
because not many people liked them. Yum-yum.