The famous Proton remote

My Wife's car remote had its contact spring broken for years and the only solution I could come up with at that time was to solder a coil of wire as replacement. Unfortunately, this caused intermittent contact problems which means, the remote works some of the time and not all the time. You will know this is happening because you would be doing the smae thing that the otehrs were doing: slapping the remote on your hand or knocking it on the car's bonnet.

Then I happened to chance upon this component at Pasar Road and although its a bit big, it does the job well.

My spring repair job is so embarassing.
The new part is just below the circuit

Once I teased the legs into the board and soldered it,
I forgot to realise that the part is actually bigger. So
it might not fit into the remote's original casing again

And the spring was so strong that I had problems
fitting the battery into the remote. But at the end,
all's well and I am happy with the job.
Just that I am not sure how long this would last...