More trouble with black soup

Well, here we go again. Another batch of ye olde black drink....

And again, Kristine gulped it all down while
Kaelynn looked

And so, its time to start that I-am-sleepy trick

But we're having none of it

And so, she had to finish it all, even if it took an hour.

A very dry breakfast

See? everything is dry. even the piece
of juicy pork is dry. someone must have
wrapped it with Pampers overnight............

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Loss of the Ring

For two days, our colleague has been in panic mode and was in no mood to do his work, let alone concentrate properly. All because of a ring. A ring given to him by his girlfriend. A ring which his girlfriend put it on his finger. And you can see from his deathly white face how much the ring means to him.

Which means, he loves her a lot.

I won't go into details on how it got lost but both of us literally turned the room upside down. Thrice. And the stupid 'Ah Sou' is really getting on my nerves:

1) "I did not sweep it away. Aiyah, if I did, the ring would have made a sound, la."
2) "Don'y worry too much about it. It will turn up a few days later. The more you look for it, the more it will not be found."

Jeez. What kind of stupid crap is this? People are going nuts looking for it and there she stands, offering crap and shit the whole morning. And what is worse, in less than 10 minutes, most of the office knew about it.

And so, I helped him go through all the rubbish
bags as thrown by Ah Sou. It was supposed to
be one bag but she stupidly told us to go look in
the wrong bag. In the end, we took no chances.
I mean, a guy's future was at stake here.