NERF's Pinpoint Sight

The Purchase
During the dinner at Chillie's. I brought the girls to the toy shop, hoping to distract them so wife and gang could catch up on old times. And here, I saw a new NEFR product, which is a sight. This sight, the "Pinpoint Sight" is something new because NERF aiming tool have either been the traditional scope or a lever. And this was modelled after the holographic weapon sight which was all the rage more than five years ago. The sight was so new, its not even on the Toys r Us or JayaJusco's shelves, let alone e-Toyz.

I paid RM29.90 for this. Its a bit
expensive but I can't say much
except that I loved it. Ha ha ha

All NERF scopes and sights are interchangeable on a
lot of other NEFT weapons, such as the Scout here,
as long as they have the mounting rails.

OK, let's have closer look. At this angle, the sight
looks horrible. But then, this is function over form

The idea is based on EOTech, the first company which
invented this. Here are some of their actual scopes, and
yeah, I took the image from their website. I thought it
was Bushnell who made them but I was wrong.

The sight runs on two AAA batteries compared to
an actual one which most probably uses the flat
CR2032 coin cells or something similar. Then again,
this is a toy and everything's plastic.

There is an on off switch at the left hand side. See the
barrel-like thing on top of the switch? We'll come to
that later. I am not sure how the real ones work, but
I think they have a switch too and not those gun grip
type of switches.

OK, coming back to the barrel, it houses a red laser
module, hence the need for the AAA batteries. So,
when you switch it on, it would shine onto the clear
plastic screen on the left.

And this is how it would look like to your eye. Its as
if the red dot is floating. You are supposed to line the
dot and then fire. But I am not so sure about this. Do
I have to line up to the cross-hairs or just see where
the dot goes and fire and hope it hits the target?

Testing the sight
And so, I got the girls to try out the sight by putting in on one of the NERF guns. They were very excited (better than dolls). And so, we played for almost half an hour before Mommy comes in........

Here, Kristine is showing how NOT to use the sight

She is still not sure how to use it though as she
was more familiar with the Longshot's scope

Finally. I put the sight on the NERF Scout, thinking it
was small enough for her. But pulling the powerful
slide to load the weapon was too much for her. I
guess their thumbs and fingers are still too weak.

Even Kaelynn had problems. Finally, I took the
sight off and attached it to a Night Finder.

This was because of the Nite Finder's rear which
has a ring for you to pull. In the end, they're used
to the Nite Finder which was much easier to load.

However, there was a problem because of the ring,
it tends to jut out and so, when they pull the trigger,
their heads would block the pull and in the end, the
foam dart just fall out of the barrel.

Luckily, the ring was not sharp or else
Kaelynn's ears would be gone.

Did I mention that I only gave them
two darts? There were a lot of these
moments. Hee hee hee hee

The Final Stages

Since I am in a bit of a rush, I will not do the time consuming testing on the breadboard again as the original circuit has verified that. So, I am going straight to designing the circuit board and this time, I am going to try out a new vendor. The last one was nice but a bit too pricey for me. So, hang in there, Kenny. BTW, for those who do not know, this is the circuit to light up the LEDs for the Polar Lights 1/350 Enterprise NCC-1701 model (which is 1 meter long when fully built)

The board measures 2.150 inch by 1.150 inch. Its the smallest unless I use SMD parts, which could be half the size. But then, cost and availability of these SMD parts are either expensive or rare.

OK. The circuit is almost ready and when I have
the time, I will send it out for a quote. If the price
is right, I will then have them do the circuit board.
Otherwise, I'll have to wait for next months' budget
(In other words, let's see how much the salary is)

Dinner at Chillies

My Wife called me to make sue I would be on time for the dinner at Chillies at 7PM. Yeah, its starting to be my favourite place soon. But like all good things, this cannot be enjoyed all the time. Apart from growing fatter and all, the exercise also involves in killing whatever monetary savings you have in the wallet or under the bed.

Still, its a great place to have despite the "Mat Rempit" incident last month. All of us had a great time despite someone's sandwich being "kidnapped" at the last minute before anyone can take away the Take-away. Anyway, here are the obligatory pictures, as I could not post the rest. Blogging is life threatening if you post the wrong pictures, especially of ladies enjoying their food, with their hands and sticking their little pinkies in the air.

Kristine and Kaelynn enjoying themselves. When
you have one main course, your kids can eat their
children meals for free. But I forget the limitation.

This is the kid's burger that will be tomorrow's
breakfast. Chillie's portions are huge.

This Chicken Cajun did not make it as
in the very last minute, it sacrificed itself
to a very young handsome guy.

A cake in the Fridge

Well, its almost a week now and
no one is brave enough to finish
the last slice. Either that or this
belongs to my in-house Tech
and he is too shy to eat it all.

EXPRESS your words

When I passed by this route, I always see this poster and when I looked up at it, I am smacked by the slogan, "Actually, it is rocket science".
Then it got me thinking, how that when one speaks a sentence, it can be (mis)interprested differently. Don't believe me? Follow the sentence below and then you come to the ones highlied in capital letters, say it as if its very important:

"Actually, it is rocket science."

Ready? Now let's see you make those important words!

ACTUALLY, it is rocket science
(As a matter of fact, I can tell you it is rocket science and not the shoe.)

Actually, IT is rocket science
(Really, the whole thing is about rocket science and not the shoe.)

Actually, it IS rocket science
(It is! It is! Don't you believe me? Don't believe the shoe!)

Actually, it is ROCKET science
(Yes, the type of science is related to rockets and nothing to do with shoes.)

Actually, it is rocket SCIENCE
(Yes, it is about Science and no shoes.)