Defend Your Castle

I got this game from a Forum, which you can play online. Its not a new game but its kinda addictive for a few evenings. What you do is to make sure the "Barbarians" do not reach your castle and pound them to bits. So, you just use your mouse to pick them up and flick them up to the sky until they fall to the ground with a sickening crunch. The first few levels are quite nice but after that, you realise your wrist is getting sore.

To help you in defending the Castle, would be a team of Wizards, Archers and Craftsmen. One good thing about this On-Line game is, you can save and reload at the Level which you last played.

Click on this picture to go to that game

This is after Level 15, and its time to upgrade my Walls

This is Level 17, where you have Giants and bettering rams
If you do not have Wizards and the Mana Pool, the Giants will
demolish your Castle Archers can get at them but they are just
not that fast enough

This is Level 32, where I keep on converting the Barbarians
as my Wizards, Archers and Craftsmen. I have everything
I need now, so, I just play, and the Castle will defend itself

This is Level 42 and I have upgraded the wall defense to 30,000
Which is just as well as the suicide bombers are coming thick and fast