Battery Fan

I just passed by the petrol station kiosk and saw this battery operated fan. As it was only RM2.50, I could not resist and bought it. It looked like a very good potential for a handheld prop, maybe a medical scanner.

Not only that, once I diassemble it, I would get a free motor as well. And since the battery compartment is nicely moulded, I can either use back the same batteries or retro-fit it with the squarish 9v battery. The circuit must be small enough, using a microprocessor instead of the normal off-the-shelf ICs to save space. Let's see if I can get it up by Saturday or not. But no painting la.

Whoooo! So, if I fart, I can now control its direction!
My very own Biological Weapon of Mass Destruction
Ha ha ha ha ha!

I broke my gun

So, I was doing my Tricorder yesterday and while looking for my cutter
the toy gun fell to the floor and shattered. Yes, shattered.
So, its in two pieces, the gun itself and also the handle
(No, I will not use the UHU glue on it)

Once I opened it, there is the soundboard on the left
which keeps shouting "Police!...Fire! Ratatatatat!"
Then there is the motor to make the whole barrel thing spin

A closer look and after this, it becomes a potential material as
spare parts for models or props. Oh dear.

The LEDs are there but the buld burnt out because
I stupidly used a 9volt battery instead of 6 volts
So, I can smell the fumes coming from it.
After that, everything sort of burnt too. Damn!

The Playmates Tricorder VIII

Tonight was the night where I will put all the electronics together. Previously, I has a dilemma of getting the stickers printed out in the most cost effective way. In the end, I settled for a photo paper for the inkjet and the masking from the laser printer using tracing paper. The printouts were great. Until that is, when I start to touch it. The I realised that if I were to keep touching the so=called stickers, they would be very dirty in no time at all. But I had to push on since time was not on my side.

I had to buy a can of those aerosol glue and after searching everywhere, I decided to go back to my sort of favourite art shop. They're located behind Lim Kok Wing in Taman Mayang and its called Win's Art & Stationery Supplies. And surprise, surprise! Now they have a Colour Laser Printer. So, I had my stickers printed out on the spot! And their business hours are from 0900 to 2100. Its a bit tight in there with all those young girls and boys studying the art of art.

Here is the laser printout

And after much cussing, the electronics are in. Now all I
have to do is to get the hot-melt glue gun back so I can
permanently put them into place. I am disappointed with
the flap as it is not lighting up despite my so-called bright
idea of modifying the hinge. I should've stuck to my
original plan of putting a separate battery and reed switch
into the flap. So, its another trip to Pasar Road on Wednesday