Lost & Found again

I got a lovely suprise today. Maybe its because I bumped into fooyc. I lost my notebook (not the Toshiba NOTEBOOK) last week and like all cynical person at that time, I relented and gave in to the feeling that I would never see it again. Its a very important book for me because that is where I put my project ideas in. Because of my busy schedule, I could not backtrack until days later.

And the best thing of all, the book was laid almost exactly on the spot where I lost it. No one, not even the workers took it. Wow. I am speechless. I was so happy, I nearly wanted to kick the sleeping Indonesian worker up and hug him. But I did not because his friends would have kicked the shit out of me instead.

This is the Notebook which is called "Sketches of Life"

In here, all my ideas (so far, or where there were no blank
A4 paper I could find) are kept here. Now, its a matter of
time before they would become a reality or burn the
house/table/country down, whichever comes first.