System Upgrade @ Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman

This morning, I happen to bring my camera out (just for fun) and got some of the shots which, I think, should not be shot at all............

Can you imagine what kind of school children did these?

Be careful when you're passing through Damansara Perdana

SIM Tower!!!! ..................... Not!

We had a system upgrade today. This was a PABX which I had upgraded from an old model months ago. Today, the customer needed to have more extensions and therefore, we had to add an additional cabinet to it. Things did not so smoothly due to two incidents:

1) While we were busy doing the upgrade, a thief walked into the customer's premises and took his wallet and laptop within seconds. The security camera showed it was a plump guy in a white T-shirt. It also showed me walking into the company's doorway (as I was going around tracing cables) while the thief was in front of me. But I was too busy looking at my PDA instead of him. That was a close encounter!

2) The cable contractor did not put the trunking for us and left the cable lying in the ceiling instead.

This is the PABX I did months ago

Halfway through the upgrade today and we had to continue tomorrow

Damn! He put the cables in the ceiling and did not complete the job

KL was still heavy with the Haze

You can't even see the background

Someone had poured cement hours ago and a crow cannot resist making its mark
I did not take photos of the crow shooting this time as Wife needs to go home

After everyone has gone home, the rats come out to play

Thursday Blues

[This blog was supposed to be 04.08.2005. I am typing this while rushing to work. Ha ha ha]

One thing I can say about my job is the unpredictability (well, to my friends). For you see, we know where we're going for that day (and sometimes not) but we do not know the exact time we'll be there. I mean, we know we'll be there, but not exactly when due to previous/current customer situation. So, making appointments, (especially lunches) with friends are definitely out.

So it was during today's lunchtme that I was in the "Golden Triangle" that I asked my friends, esp babekl, if they're having lunch within the vicinity of Sungei Wang. We were to see one customer there who is a supplier for Playstations to the booths there. Unfortunately, because of my schedule, everyone has either gone out to lunch or can't escape their fire-breathing Bosses. I ended up going to lunch on my own.

Or was about to.

Until ......

I bumped into a friend of mine whom I did not expect to see except at certain places during weekends. She was about to go to Low Yatt for a Digital Radio player (Read: Thumbdrive/MP3 player). The reason was the help at Harvey Norman was of no help at all as they can't explain what each player does. So, I "voluntered" to go along and help her as I know she would not been seen dead at the PC Fair tomorrow.

After some searching, we narrowed down to Sandisk player (RM250) and another one which I forgot but it was selling for RM199. Anyway, after testing a few models, it was time for me to go and continue with my swath of destruc.... er, work.

Then it hit me. Halfway driving up the RM2.50 per hour car park, I lost the front door leys to the customer's office. In the end, it came to that my Wife has changed my week old jeans and the key was still in there. Since I do not know how to ride a bike, I had to take LRT back and meet her halfway. Ha ha ha ha.

So, all in all, it was quite a day. But still nice as I get to meet her again.

And I forgot about my lunch.

I managed to take his picture after so many months
He is HUGE