Trip to Genting: Day 1

And so, after the Raya Holidays, it was our turn. We're going to Genting for three days, away from everything that is KL. Hah. if only that was true. And so, after lunch, we set off for on a journey to learn about how money disappears faster than you can work for it.

Breakfast and lunch combined. I asked for 'anything'
and it turned out to be mee-hoon big enough for at
least three people. So, as usual, I drank the soup but
this mee-hoon soaked it up faster than me. So, I took
revenge by pouring soy-sauce and green chili on it. I
think I stopped it but it was too late by then.

Anywyay, the drive up there was uneventful except that
I have no experience with driving an Auto 2.0 Litre car.
Every gear I used, it just gave me spurts of power before
it changed gear. And when I got it right, I had to slow it
for the corners or speed bumps. All the while, I had
to make
sure my style does not cause it to overheat. Haih.
I think I
shortened the car's life by driving is this way.
Once we checked into the Hotel, it was time to a well
deserved rest or vomit or well, you know how I drove.
But for the girls, it was time to check out the bed.....

Sometime later, the girls were hungry and so, Mommy
had to cook some instant noodles since the time now
is between tea and dinner. Suprisingly, Kristine ate
them within a very short time.

Unfortunately, the reversed happened. Kaelynn
needed to be coaxed and also fed by Mommy.
She has been very down and moody ever since
we arrived, compared to Kristine who was very
excited and bubbly.

We decided to take the cable car
up to Genting. But unfortunately.
the Skyway system was under
maintenance until November and
today was the first day for every
one to change to the other cable
car system. Yes, it was chaotic.

More than 20 people jammed into a cable car that
has minimal ventilation and also, what is worse is
that non of the younger generation gave up seats
to the elderly. But looking at them, they must be
Foreigners too as there were some Indonesian
Tourists next to us. The only thing I can do is
to smile and imaging smashing their face in
with my foot.

I caught Kristine off guard and wanted to scold
her for her actions. Why? take a look at this:
First she wets her finger with her saliva....

Then she use it on her hair. Eeuughhhh! If it wasn't for
her cuteness, I would have
scolded her then and then
on the spot. I
wonder who taught her that. It is so
ineffective compared to the juices from the groin
area or from phlegms coming from runny noses
or even infected lungs. Now, those would stick
for hours.

Had dinner at the chinese fast food place. My God.
The prices! Almost RM100.00 for so little. I could
have told everyone to walk further for a McDonalds.
Getting skinned by a Clown is more appropriate.

After the dinner, we went to the First
World Amusement where the girls get
to have their first Merry-Go-Round.
Unfortunately, there were some other
rides which, due to their heights

So, for the night, we let them have a go with the
Merry-Go-Round. Luckily, we do not have to
pay for accompanying the girls. But because it is
a new ride, they were very engrossed with the
horsies, so, all pictures came out with all their
faces facing away from the camera.

Surprisingly, even on a Monday night, the
place is still crowded, mostly with Tourists.
Imagine this crowd mixing with the usual
weekend crowd. Nightmare for demophobics

Eventually, they wanted to ride one these cars. But
we decided it was not to be so since anything could
happen when they panicked and wanted out.

So, we told them, *ahem* Kristine
was too tall and Kaleynn was too
short. Hee hee hee.

Finally, it was time to go back down and there was a
problem. As this was the first day in using the 'other'
cable car system, it was chaotic. Did you know that,
the bus for this did not have a sign to tell everyone?
So, when it came, it was a mad dash and most were
angry especially one Tourist who was so pissed off
he could hardly speak (in English). And also, did you
know that after eleven or so, the bus stop changes
place to another spot which is near some Hotel?
Thanks to a kind couple, we managed to get a
seat in the second bus. They even talked to
another bus driver to help too.

Ah, back to the Hotel and tomorrow........ yeah, man!

Our Uncle went to Australia and all we got was.....

Dear Readers,

Our Uncle went to Australia and came back with some goodies for us. Each of us had a nice fluffy backpack while Great Aunt gave us a blanket. Whoo hoo!

Thank you very much, Uncle and Great Aunt!


Kristine & Kaelynn

Kristine with her Dora blanket and
fluffy backpack

Kaelynn with her Sesame Street
and fluffy backpack.