Sad news

The rain started this morning without any let up. The atmosphere is grey (just like in UK), which created a gloomy feeling. It was not until I came back to the office and found out that Datin Seri Endon Mahmood, the First Lady, passed away at 0755.

Damn! There goes my day

Miss Nor

The fasting month must be taling its toll on certain individuals because there is a very active girl who just behaved as if her primary motor functions has gone into battery saving mode. The human brain must be constantly nourished to make sure its cells are healthy. This is a very important fact so that you can get through the day without acting like a person who just got a lobotomy or some sticking a "Kick Me" sign on your back..

So, it was this morning I was at the petrol station for my daily go-go juice. One thing about paying for petrol at the station is that you can either pay with your ATM card, credit card or just cold hard cash. When I was at the counter, I her the money, and also my Point card. Its a very simple job, really.

But somehow, something went wrong because when she concluded the transaction, not only did she forgot to give me my receipt, she gave me back my money too. If it was not for her colleague's alertness, I would have gotten away with the free petrol. OK, I would give her the cash as tips just to freak her out. But she only realise this error after her colleague asked her three times.

Then again, maybe I was looking so handsome this morning, sporting the company's new T-Shirt and a nice clean shave.