Valentine Yee Sang

While I was scoffing off Kristine's left-over lunch, she woke up. And so, by the time my Mom got her freshen up, it was time to take her over to one of my Sister-in-Law's place. Earlier, Mommy took Kaelynn there and left Kristine at home because she was sleeping.

Anyway, when I brought her over, the rest were already there and being the only guy around, I decided to leave. But they do not mind me being there and so...

.. this will be my (dunno how many times) Yee sang
but this one comes with raw salmon, which is my fav

Also, I get to see the difference between the two girls.
Kaelynn will actually clear the dishes after her meals
while Kristine will, well, being Kristine, disappears.

This is them playing Paper, Scisors, Stone game.
The only thing is, they will say it out before they
cast their choice. For us, it was just,
"One, Two, Jus!"


Its now very common for us to to 'clean' up after Kristine's school lunchbox. I am not sure why but sometime, she would bring back the lunch box, partially eaten. So, when I asked her, the reply was that the recess was too short. Hmmm......

Or maybe, she is used to being a slow eater just like in the house. How can I train her to eat faster?

For this evening, its fried rice with prawns.

I really had to throw away the prawns since I
can't eat them much.