Walking in The Gardens

Years ago, Sunday used to be another meaning. It means peace and quiet. But now, after marriage, if I am feeling a bit -censored-

Anyway, we're going to Mid-valley today, for some time out. This time, we parked at The Gardens since the parking signs said Mid-Valley is full. We're going there because Mommy wanted to get something. But its also a good thing because we did not go shopping for weeks. It was all because of my leg. However, I must say that both of us easily tire while the girls seems to have unlimited energy. But by the time we reached home, they went out like a light. Either that, or it was us.

Wha hey! they have acrylic sheets and other thin
coloured transparecies at Art Friend!

But first thing first. We need to eat and so, for
the first time, we had lunch at The Gardens
foodcourt. Amazing isn't it? Foodcourt. Here.

There is a lot of space here, even at the end. But its
empty as I guess no one wants a view of a kampung

First to arrive was some bento thing.
Kristine was so hungry, she could not
wait and so, helped herself.

Then it was Mommy's Ayam penyet which looks
delicious and the chicken was cooked with some
spices or something. It was crispy.

I am not sure what this topping was, but its nice.

And the sambal was tastefully hot!

Next was my Pineapple Fried Rice. You
can't see the watermelon nor the 2
pieces of prawns because they were
gone, thanks to the two hungry girls.

With so much food, everyone enjoyed themselves and had a wonderful time. No. Actually, with so much food, the two girls were 'full', leaving us to do double and triple DBKL shift.

It was not until I took the girls to JayaJusco's toy Dept
did they express their hunger.... wah lau! More money
gone! At least they ate, I keep telling myself.
At least
they ate....

In the meantime, saw some Mimes a the HP Fair

For myself, I bought this transparent Hotwheels for
an obscene price of RM6.90. then again, this is the
normal price now, after all these years of price hike.
Against my own principle, I bought it because it was
the last one on the display racks....

On the way back at The Gardens, the
DJ left the lights one and soon, the girls
played with them and ran and ran....

The backdrop for this was beautiful and
so simple.

I got the girls to pose for a few shots
before they start to run again, which
other kids saw and started to join the

I'll bet if the whole place was a bit darker, this
would be amazing.

Wow. A RM5.00 toilet.

Passing Bangsar, I was stumped how this bumper
came to be......

Being 200% Chinese

The girls are now more Chinese than the Chinese.....

Another thing......

'Mom, what is Star Bhud?'
'Hah? What?"
'What is Star Bhud?'
'I don't understand that, can you spell it out?'
'S-D-N B-H-D'