Going to Multifilla

While I was there, Mr. Leong showed me what happened to the LED cast in the water clear and it was amazing. I was so tempted to get a few packs there and then but the problem is, there was nothing for me to encapsulate in.

This is the LED cast. The mould is soft though.
Its so clear that you can see the bottom of the
mould clearly.

OK, so the Nokia 5800 was not that good
with taking such photos. But as you can
see, everything worked well, including the
LED that was casted inside.

Do not be worried about the 'liquid' coming from
the base of the mould. Its not leaking but actually,
it is the hot melt glue. Now, there is only one thing
I really need to know and that is, will it yellow over
time and also what happens years from now?

At the same time, I got this extruded clear
triangle from Mr. Leong. This is for a theory
I had and well, lets see what I can do tonight

Yep. It works but not as good because
the camera is fooling your eyes. The
dot is actually full of lines from the
triangle's sides. I used this theory
because the triangle acts as a prism.
When I have the time, I will try with
a silver foil and then test the results.
For years, I have been joking about using your own phlegm as glue. I mean, since it was thick enough and also, it was very sticky. When I was small, I tried this theory and it really worked. And now, I have the opportunity to test this theory again. This was because I usually either spit it out onto a tissue paper or swallowed it again. They do taste sweet though....

And so, what you do, to get this glue is to make
yourself sick. Being mentally sick does not count

Dab the yellow stuff onto two pieces of paper and
wait for a few minutes. I mean, if this yellow stuff
sticks in seconds, you are going to have a really
serious problem in your chest...

And minutes later, voila! Ah..... hey. Its not
sticky enough. All it did was to take some
laser toner off and then dried itself up. Either
that, or I am not sick enough.