Luke's Lightsaber

Good Morning, my dear Padawans. For today's lesson, I am going to show you a rare Lightsaber from a very well known self-declared Jedi Master. The Lightsaber was found near one of Bespin's recycling bins. So, you do not have to worry about losing your limbs for today. Come on, gather around and sit close to me, now.

This is the replica of that Lightsaber. Unfortunately, there is
a dent at the emitter, no thanks to Shahna San this morning.

Note that the grip is nicely done and this is a very
important fact. I will tell you why, later

And note the activation trigger is free of dust. You do not
want your Lightsaber to turn off when everyone is watching
you fight. No, Seesemu, I did not lose my legs that way

And the D-rings must be secure or else you will lose
your Lightsaber when you do a Force-jump

And here, the recharging port has been modified using
Xelonian technology. You can re-charge your saber in
seconds from any data port if there are no other power
ports nearby

One last thing, make sure your power indicators are secured
so that they do not move about much

Finally, this is how it looked like when polished nicely
Now, lets look at the other Lightsaber

Pay attention, Urleu! I have told you many times not to
set your lightsaber too bright. You might even melt the
emitters. But here, this is no mere heat that damaged
the emitters. Oh, alright, you can look into it. The heat
has warped the lens anyway

Now, one thing I must remind you. If you have sweaty palms,
please wear a pair of gloves. The sweat from your palms can
really distract you in the heat of the battle and might even
make get you lose your hand

No, I do not know what happened to the power indicator
when we found it. Maybe it was already broken

And this is proof how the tough metal Graflexium fares
After so many battles, there is not even a scratch on it

And once again,
Yes, you are right. The end of this Lightsaber also uses hard
metal called Milleniaum but this is from the Armitage Planet

Once more, before I end the class, lets look at the two

Nice, isn't it?

No, don't touch the switch, now.

And no, you cannot take this back for your Mother to
hit the wamprats

The Lightsaber is the Jedi Knights most potent weapon
and they must be well taken care off.

So, my Padawans, do not use your Lightsabers too much.
Even the heat from the cystals can melt the handle over
the years. Just see how long the used Lightsaber is when
you compare it to the original.

View outside the car window

Sometimes when you're driving, there are things which makes you take notice. And sometimes, I really felt that I need a faster camera. Because by the time I switched on my Fuji FinePix and get into focus, the subject is gone.

Early morning, this student was bending his head down behind his
Mom who was speeding. I think he was late for school

In the traffic jam, it is normal for these motorcyclists to use the
divider as an extra lane. But it they loses their balance, not even
the helmet can stop me from cracking thier skull. This is the shot
before the next motorcyclist nearly hit a pedestrian who crossed
to the divider up ahead

This lady was actually doing some puzzle on the newspaper while
we're driving 25Kmh

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