Kristine's first pair

I remember the time I need a pair of glasses and it was not exactly something I looked forward to. For you see, when you wear a pair, there is an automatic stigma that comes with it. You will be seen as a bookworm, a serious student, someone who peeped too much, and the list goes on. But now, thankfully, this is Kristine's time, which is nothing more than just a fashion accessory.

So, how to you know that someone needs a pair of glasses? You yourself would know because you keep turning Chinese when you need to see things clearly. But what about others, such as children like Kristine? One of the telltale signs would be that her grades which keeps falling. The other would be that she has problems reading out articles when threatened with a cane. And so, to save the wear and tear on the cane, we took her to an Optometrist instead.

This was a shop in PJ Section 14. We took her
to places like Mid-Valley but we felt that they're
all not so suitable for her. Its not easy to look for
a bullet-proof and atomic bomb-proof pair and
still weigh like a feather.

Eventually, after trying out most of the ones
that have red or pink in them, Kristine's
choice did not meet with the HM's approval.

For example, here is the one with red rims
but its too big.

Then this is the one with almost the same
design but alas, the rims are still too big

Or too square and so on. And so, after the Sales
Assistant has searched through the entire container
plus the ones in the store, their warehouse, their
district warehouse, their factory, their designer's
personal collection and drawer, we moved on...

Finally, after going to another shop
and gotten the same result, we tried
one last one. And Yes! Finally! The
HM approves! You can even see
the absolute joy on her face...

But this is only the first step as they need to make
the lens first before the glasses
are ready.

And so, now its back to business
as usual, which is to finish the
chrysanthemum drink...

While we're there, I popped by Digital Mall to get
another USB Flash Drive plus a USB Hub.