The Shower cap

Its going to be a very cold night tonight and so, Mommy wants the girls to have their bath but without washing their hair just for tonight. And so, knowing that I am as nimble as a drunken bum, she made the girls take turns wearing her shower cap.....

First, it was Kristine which she turned it into
some kind of fashion accessory.

Next, it was Kaelynn's turn. I like this shot
because for a fleeting moment, she looks
very grown up already.

And so, Kritine took the cap off and helped
put it on to Kaelynn who complained it
stinks....... ha ha ha ha ha ha

Another shot from the front

The aftermath of the Storm

My friend's home was affected by the heavy storm two nights ago. And on that day, I can remember that it was very bad for me too. I was rushing to get the printouts to my customer and because of the heavy rain, I drove to the other side of the factory. Long story short - My GM witnessed how the gate got flooded off its railing when the guard opened the gate for me, trapping my car in the process. But luckily, I got a backup in my thumbdrive and so, in the rain, he saw me walked off to the office to email to my client instead.

Just after dinner, I got news of my friend whose mommy's house was affected by a tree. Despite my offer to help, she insisted that everythig is OK. moreover, with the mention of reporters, I stayed away since the possibility of being on the front page of a newspaper wearing nothing but a very loose pair of boxer shorts might damage my credibility as a potentially famous blogger of nonsense.

And so, today, we drove by to her house to kaypoh a bit and from the crime scene, it does not take a genius to tell the whole story of how it happened (then again, geniuses are hard to come by in this country due to the brain-drain). Apparently, the wind blew the tree so hard that its trunk snapped off and fell to the opposite side. Because of the leaves and strong branches which acted as springs, causing the whole tree to bounce away and into the alley behind the houses and blocking the drains. Which confirms my suspicions that out water comes from the drain since moment after this, I could not get a nice bath.

Either that or the Society of Overweight Squirrels were having their annual meet-up on that tree......

Making cookies

Finding things for the girls to do during school holidays is going to be a problem. Sure, we can just let them watch TV until their eyes pop out or they collapse from hunger. But that was too easy. The hardest challenge is for them to do other constructive things instead of watching the idiot box or, lying all over the place.

So, one of the program Mommy set up was to get them to make some cookies while making sure they retain all the female characteristics. Yep, Mommy wants them to be more female instead of playing with guns and taking things apart. Which, in this World where everyone wants or thinks they want to be, politically correct, I agree. I want them to grow up knowing a lot of things and not just stereotyped into thinking certain things are for certain gender, and cannot be approached and so on. Then again, she has had enough of one big kid playing with guns and taking things apart.....

The girls with the first batch of cookies. Boy,
the do smell delicious! And just eating one or
two, its very filling.

I like it but at the same time, wishing there were
some garlic and maybe, sardines inside the them.

This is the morning after. I wonder
how long I stand before all of the
cookies in this bottle disappears.....

An important discovery

When placed on the butt, the Copykat NERF actually stands compared to the real NERF. This important discovery shows that Kristine is a very good observer and her future as a good observer is good. Observe!