23012012 Chinese New Year Dinner Day 1

This is one of those dinners one must attend. Not because its important but hey, free meals, people. But seriously, with the passing of my Uncle, the mood is a bit sombre despite everyone trying to be cheerful. There is a story to looking for this place. At that time, it was very 'important' since my late Uncle likes to eat here as it was claimed that the prices are quite reasonable (OK, cheap).

The first time we looked for it was weeks ago, based on my Auntie's description which, like any directions given by strangers, we ended up nowhere. Not even the locals knew of this place. And so, on the second try, which was tonight, we decided to 'follow the leader'. See the apostrophes?

And that leader was an expert in terms of navigation. Within less than an hour, we have reached the place with me going "WTF...". This was the place literally across my old office and it will take me three times as short to reach it. By now, you would have known which route it was and in the evening, it is a very dangerous place. Other people would have used the DUKE instead.

Anyway, its Dinner with the whole Family.

So, we ate and we ate.

Then we ate some more.

In the meantime, while they ate, I ate too.

While everyone mingled, I ate again

Trust me, its for the Dog.

There was nothing special which I liked, given the mood that was still lingering but this was something I liked. Its something something fried with duck egg. And yes, we ordered it again. Twice.

All in all, the food was not bad and somehow, the bill that came later, was really reasonable.

This was the place which I passed by many times but did not really pay attention. I mean, we are the only family which would not go to 'far away' places just to get some nice food. No, sir. That would be crazy. But not my late Uncle. He goes everywhere and would know the places more than me. And he also knows where to eat and a lot of people as well. He does this all the time when he comes to KL, even when I was small. 

But in the end, all I can really say is that he is a very simple tough guy, knows how to enjoy life, be sociable and knows what needs to be done. I really miss him and his packs of Dunhills.

Guess who was still hungry?

Vee-Chai won't beep-beep

 I don't know about you but its starting to honk me off. The beep sound has been gone for a while but I did not get to it due to the Chinese New Year. It costs me RM80 to have this buzzer installed into Vee-Chai at the Authorised Service Centre months ago and now, its broken.

OK, this is one of the few times I opened up the bonnet and well, I am not so happy to see how the buzzer was mounted. But the Engineering side of me was delighted. I mean, look on the bright side, I've paid RM80 for them to plug in a wire to the alarm system. Now, I can modify the/connect to any 12v horn/lights/spring/thrusters I want
But just for fun, I am going to try to replace some components to see if it works on my next trip to Pasar Road. I mean, its dead, so how dead-er can it get?
[Update: late June 2012]
OK, I have found the similar buzzers in my regular Electronics shop. What a fool I've been. So drunk with the possibilities of other noise making devices, it did not occur to me to just get a normal buzzer replacement instead of car alarm sirens, etc. Still, I'll just use the Wira/Cat wailer until its kaput.

23012012 Chinese New Year Day 1

To tell you the truth, we do not receive much visitors to our house. Growing up in this house, I realised that we're very a private family. There were not many visitors to our house and yes, we do not 'celebrate' much. Even if we did, most of it would be between ourselves and no outside parties were involved. This was not so apparent until after my Marriage which I realised the house is very quiet.

But thanks to the two girls, I have the much sought laughter and noise which is so 'missing' here. Also, this is one of the reasons why I wanted a house by ourselves. But the way the prices are now, its going to be seriously out of our reach. I am starting to feel very imprisoned.

Tea Ceremony with Kaelynn

In the afternoon, a visit from our relatives from up North.

The hangover

OK, it floats. That's the only thing that restaurant can do. As it came out, everyone forgot about that awful place.

Happy Chinese New Year 2012

Isn't it great to wake up and have Ang Pows at your side?

And so, officially, 2012 is now here. I wonder whats in store for everyone this year? Although everyone is enjoying their celebrations, I am not. I will tell you later why.