Vee-Chai won't beep-beep

 I don't know about you but its starting to honk me off. The beep sound has been gone for a while but I did not get to it due to the Chinese New Year. It costs me RM80 to have this buzzer installed into Vee-Chai at the Authorised Service Centre months ago and now, its broken.

OK, this is one of the few times I opened up the bonnet and well, I am not so happy to see how the buzzer was mounted. But the Engineering side of me was delighted. I mean, look on the bright side, I've paid RM80 for them to plug in a wire to the alarm system. Now, I can modify the/connect to any 12v horn/lights/spring/thrusters I want
But just for fun, I am going to try to replace some components to see if it works on my next trip to Pasar Road. I mean, its dead, so how dead-er can it get?
[Update: late June 2012]
OK, I have found the similar buzzers in my regular Electronics shop. What a fool I've been. So drunk with the possibilities of other noise making devices, it did not occur to me to just get a normal buzzer replacement instead of car alarm sirens, etc. Still, I'll just use the Wira/Cat wailer until its kaput.

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