Lefties hates NERF Barricade RV-10

OK, so I crumbled and got this after seeing one of the re-painted ones on a Forum. They actually looked good and once the stock I got from eBay arrives, I will show you the intended modifications. But right now, let's go over it, shall we?

How it worked, I am not sure and unlike previous
big box designs, there is no pictures to show you
how it loads or worked. So, it was actually a bit of
a risk to get this. And I did not have the chance to
get it from The Outpost because everytime I was
there, it was closed because the staff was late. If I
did, then I could ask for a demo unit and see if this
is the NERF for me. That is, if they had a demo unit.

Nothing much to shout about the packaging but because
its a small gun, and given the strength of the cardboard,
it was packed very securely.

First and foremost, you need three AA batteries,
because the battery holder said so. And do not
mix alkalines with carbons as this will react with
each other, destroying the NEFR and you cannot
return and scream at the staff it in case you
wanted to. But then again, this is not America.

Once the batteries are in, you will start the weapon
up with sliding the orange switch towards you. But
if you have started aiming the Barricade at your
own face, then you should slide the switch away
from you. This will be very difficult for south
paws, so while they're trying to switch it on, it is
now a very good time to let go of a few rounds.....

The Barricade has some sort of a safety feature where
if you slide the orange cover (near the barrel) towards
you, the motors would stop.

This is because in the heat of the battle, any shock
to the Barricade would result in loose darts which
can get trapped when you fire. So, this panel would
stop the motor in case your fingers decide to probe
elsewhere when you're not paying attention.

When the motor is on, you will need a few seconds for
the rollers/flywheels to get into speed. Longer if you
got weak batteries. How they came up with this idea
is ingenious. The trigger pull will shoot the dart out
of the chamber and into the spinning rollers. They
then catch the dart and launch it. So, in theory, if
you want faster bullets, you will need to do some
thing about the motors or, increase the voltage.
No, 110volts or 240volts will NOT help except
to arrange your meeting with the Devil. Incidently,
this also remind me how they extract the juice
from the sugar cane....

I like this barrel already. Its hollow and so, in theory,
I can set up a light detector and when the dart breaks
the light, the LED would light up. Sort of an interactive
muzzle flash. Oh, and with the sonic darts, its quite fun
because they will generate some slight whistling sound
when it flies through the air.

You can easily unload 10 round in less than 6 seconds, I think. And a word of warning, do not get two Barricades because you're not Chow Yun Fatt. Chow Yun Fatt does not shoot whiny bullets.