Dinner at Halia's

Mom got some vouchers from somewhere (I can't tell you) and the whole family ended up having a buffet dinner at Halia at Sime Darby's Convention Hall (somewhere near the KLGCC and behind TTDI, la). This is a very different buffet dinner. For one, they have a chocolate fountain, BBQ, some DIY kebab and also, a section where you select your ingredients and the Chef would cook it for you. Since this is not about food, I am not going to tell you much but the atmosphere is really nice. It would be superb is they could find a space for some live musicians softly playing songs on a guitar.

As it was cold rainy evening, both Krsitine's and Kaelynn's appetite were not
that encouraging. So I started her off with stuff that she chose herself. It was
mostly fruits from the chocolate fountain. Later, I showed her how the fountain
worked but she was not interested.

Kaelynn started off with some grilled corn but gave up after some bites. I found
out that they were quite hard. And we're all used to soft corn steamed from a wok.

I particularly liked the shattered glass decorations. And since there were
not much people about, I was not too concerned about the girls making
noises every now and then.

And what I liked most was that the table was laid in such a way that there
were two sets of sauces lines up. Oh, about the BBQ, they do not let you go
to the grill but rather, let the stuff come to you. Every few minutes, they
would come with grilled beef, chicken, sausages, etc. all from a spike. And
after the fifth time, everyone said, "No more, please!" as they kept coming
and coming as if it was limitless!

This is Kristine halfway through, enjoying her potato wedges. No, she is not
sleepy but more like lying lazily on her baby chair.

Well, Kaelynn as usual, whacked everything on her plate.I think she
loves BBQed food.

I guess the mushroom soup and the
crackers were a hit with Kristine.
Kaelynn even cried when the waiters
came and took her soup bowl away.

Kaelynn with her new playful habit. Squinting her eyes while eating.

Kristine telling mummy that she needs to finish her crackers
first before all of us can go home.

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