The Toy Gun

This is another toy gun I picked up while I was in Kuantan recently, about two weeks back. One thing I have noticed is that the recent batch of toy guns from China are starting to have laser lights at the end of the barrel. Well, I suspect it is laser because of the blinding red beam (no, I did not look directly into it) which is very bright even after more than six feet away. This feat cannot be done unless you have a very bright LED and a focused lens.

I always like to scout around toy shops to see how "update" these toys from China are. Because of their manufacturing, these toys are cheap to buy and also serves as a potential source for making props and salvageable electronics where lights and sounds are concerned.

So, why did I buy this?

Because I can. Ha ha ha ha ha.

So, this looked like a scope attached to a Magnum

When you press the trigger, not only does the scope
and the barrel lights up, so does the bullet chamber

See how bright the red dot is?
From the gun to the door, its about nearly four feet

Trip to Kota Bahru Day Two

The Second Day
On the next day, I checked out of Crystal Lodge and went to Dynasty Inn just across the street. This was our original intention (on our first trip). The room was cheaper than Crystal Lodge and it also has Wifi to boot. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about the hot water, though.

Anyway, today was the day we started our work. After much searching, we arrived at the site (because I lost the map) and did our stuff. As the building is only 80% completed, there is nothing much we can do since the cabling is still not finished. Most of the day was spent waiting and waiting since the Main Guy was always in and out at the wrong time.

This was also the time where I received my orders that I need to go to Prai, Alor Setar and Ipoh as well. So, I left as much info for the main distributor and the cabling guys to carry out their job.. But I can foresee coming back here for another four times before Chinese New Year.

This is how Dynasty Inn looked and with the open
window (you can close it for the aircon) you can hear
the birds chirping which is nice for an afternoon nap

This is a very small toilet and there is a
red curtain to separate the wash basin
and the shower. Nothing special for me...

Until I had a stomach ache and then I realised that
I can enjoy the Discovery Channel from where I am
sitting. Ha ha ha ha ha

The building was not ready for occupation but this
did not stop these cats.

Is this a special cat? Maybe it belongs to one of
the contractors. You never know.

And they're not scared of other people standing
next to them

The bad news is that the cabling is not
ready and there is no electricty for us.
Other power points have been "booked"
by other contractors

Finally, near six-thirty, one guy came
over and installed the power points for
us. But we took the PABX back to the
Hotel with us and programmed it from
there since it would take a whole night
for the cement to dry anyway.

A scene from the night market which we seldom see anymore

Being a bit greedy and feeling like a kid again, I
was attracted to the RM1 capsule vending machine
which promised realistic mini toy guns

Since the first machine is out of order, I searched
for other machine and tried putting in the coins.
After putting in two 50sen coins, I learnt my
lesson (again)

No, this is not my dinner but the Maggi Mee is
for emergencies.
(Yeah, like in case I am stranded on some weird
road with only the car's radiator for hot water)