The Fishes

My parents came back from Pahang and they bought two fighting fishes. Yes, this is the one point in time where a kid gets a pet. And as usual, kid neglects pet and pet dies. Still, I have to make sure they really take care of the fish and not run away.

Kristine and Kaelynn were very excited about
the fishes. But we have to make sure they do
not overfeed with those small food pellets.
Kaelynn was scared and so gave hers to Kristine
to feed instead.

I am not sure what happened but one the way back,
the water turned very dirty.I think its the faeces.

All through the night, the girls kept watching the
fishes and Kristine even showed them her
concert video.

The NERF Element EX-6

Oh my Goodness! The NERF EX-6 is here! Its here! Wahoo! Yeah, baybeh!

But unfortunately, my paycheck's not here. And even with the price tag of RM119.95, its a bit difficult for me to justify this and buy it outright. Of course I can use the money I saved up to do the Star Trek Navigation lights but this will delay my plans.
Let me tell you a bit about the EX-6. I am always a sucker for NERF handguns. But its not just any handguns. They have to look the business. First it was the NERF Scout from the N-Strike series. Then it was the Maverick. After that, they came out with the Wii version but I am not so cool with it. And now, the EX-6. This gun was originally from the Diskshot.

And try as I might, I could not get them, even on eBay (for a reasonable price, that is). But now, after more than two years, the EX-6 came out on its own. I am so tempted. Well, let's just wait for some moolah injection first.

So, for that price, you get 12 bullets, two different
scopes and that's it. I like the EX-6 because of its
design and not the firepower or anything. One
day, I am also going to ask some Chinese guys
how much if they can make it in black and what
will be the minimum quantity........... ha ha ha ha!

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I saw this on my way there. This is so weird.
It looked more like as if he died on this
spot and Google gave him this tombstone.

Building my Notebook PSU part IV

And so, after lunch, I decided to complete my Notebook PSU with the barest of components since there is no point (at the moment) to realise my actual plan of turning into another source of Beng-power.

So I got Kristine to get my working
case over to me. As it was too heavy
for her, Kaelynn decided to help.

Its a very simple setup. I soldered one 5 volt voltage
regulator and one 12volt regulator onto a stripboard.
Then the connectors were next. Then I used some
double-sided tapes to stick the whole thing to the
heatsink. The DST also helps creating an electrical
barrier between the heatsink and the circuit board.
Right now, the connectors for the 5volt is empty as I
do not have any plans to put in the digital meters.

And so, this is how it looks and the PSU is
very cool to the touch. I have to bring this
to the office to test it out too since it was
in the office that the PSU got hot.

There. All done but there is still one thing left to do, which is to create a cover of some sort to prevent fingers from accidentally touching the Live wires.

[Update: 17112009 1054]
The power supply's heatsink is cool to the touch even when I blocked it from the Air-con's path. But somehow, the noise from the twin fans blowing air are starting to annoy me. Maybe I need to put in some rubber feet to further reduce the vibration as well. Moreover, when I switch the PSU off, the load from the fans helps to quickly discharge the capacitors (I think). All in all, its very good but I still need to get a casing since this morning my Boss nearly killed himself looking at the PSU.

Saturday Lunch

With almost everyone in the house away, there were only the four of us and so, my Wife decided to cook a special lunch; Seafood Spaghetti. Normally, in this house, there are only two types of spaghetti served; Bolognese or Fried. (My plain spaghetti with the crunchy prawn chili sauce does not count.)
While my Wife was cooking, the girls decided
to have a cup of yoghurt drink; their style.
Yep, they're using the syringe which was meant
for delivering medication into their mouths. It
was fun at first but if I let them go on, there'll
be a lot of yoghurt drinks on the floor.

Ah, lunch is ready! This is the normal seafood
spaghetti for the girls. Apart from the huge
servings of la-la, each girls have two pieces of
their favourite seafood: prawns

Kristine showing the la-la which escaped

As for Kaelynn, as usual, she just eat her food
and worry about other things later.
For the both of us, Wife cooked the Tom Yam seafood
version which is quite nice. She did not add any chili
nor other flavourings. I wanted some rice but there
wasn't any because trust me, the sauce goes well
with a plate of hot steamy white rice.