Saturday Lunch

With almost everyone in the house away, there were only the four of us and so, my Wife decided to cook a special lunch; Seafood Spaghetti. Normally, in this house, there are only two types of spaghetti served; Bolognese or Fried. (My plain spaghetti with the crunchy prawn chili sauce does not count.)
While my Wife was cooking, the girls decided
to have a cup of yoghurt drink; their style.
Yep, they're using the syringe which was meant
for delivering medication into their mouths. It
was fun at first but if I let them go on, there'll
be a lot of yoghurt drinks on the floor.

Ah, lunch is ready! This is the normal seafood
spaghetti for the girls. Apart from the huge
servings of la-la, each girls have two pieces of
their favourite seafood: prawns

Kristine showing the la-la which escaped

As for Kaelynn, as usual, she just eat her food
and worry about other things later.
For the both of us, Wife cooked the Tom Yam seafood
version which is quite nice. She did not add any chili
nor other flavourings. I wanted some rice but there
wasn't any because trust me, the sauce goes well
with a plate of hot steamy white rice.

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