Escaped convicts

Just for a few hours today, my Wife and I escaped out of the house for some New Year shopping. After 5 hours, she got a nice haircut and some clothes while I got myself some pretty nice sore feet. Yeah, there was nothing much for me in Endah Parade at Sri Petaling, except for some Gundam models which I was not allowed to buy.

By the time we got back, Kristine has soaked the cot, nappies, towel, etc. Everything within her reach was decorated with her wee-wee, and tired out my Parents.
(I know other animals, esp. Dogs pee to mark their territoty)

So, I had no choice but to give her a towel bath. Now comes the fun part. Yep, more wee-wee into her new change of clothes. And by the time I got her into another set, she did it again.

Kristine about to show her appreciation for this morning's bath

Of Mustard pants and tea ceremonies

Today is a very exciting for all of us.

Kristine's poo-poo is now brownish, with consistency almost like that of mustard sauce. Yes, mustard sauce are great for that extra oomph on your Burger/Sandwich/Fried Chicken/Cornflakes/etc. But not Kristine's which is just plain yuck.

When I held her, she was happy and quite talkative, which I guess, was her way of distracting me while she poo-poo-ed into her nappy and out onto my pants. That was Part One.

Anyway, it was time for her bath, which was ok. She thoroughly enjoyed it and promptly rewarded me with some wee-wee (Tea Ceremony). There goes her clothes. And that was Part Two.

After a change of nappies and more clothes, Kristine and I had another Tea Ceremony. That was Part Three.

While I was trying to get out of my wet and soiled pants, my Wife told me that there's more Mustard to go round.....................