Dinner at PJ Seafood

Since everyone was away, we decided to eat out and so, this time, it was PJ Seafood. We used to go to this place a lot years ago and suddenly coming back here, was a bit weird. Although the place did not change much but somehow, the people in there have. Still, it was a nice dinner.The only reason why I liked this place so much was that they serve cheese crabs. Yeah, those crabs cooked in some kind of cheese/milk/curry leaf combination. I am sure other places have it but this is the only place I know.

And so, because Wifewanted some seafood, we ordered ONE cheesy crab. Yeah we ordered one because the waitress said its a very big crab. And boy was she right. The crab was full of meat and Kristine had a great time eating from the pieces I gave her.

Kristine pointed out Kaelynn's work with the hammer
Later on, we decided it was better to hide them
from the girls

At the Elephant stone mural

The damage? About RM80. It was the crab and the
fish slices which cost a lot.