Mommy, I want a Dog!

Sometime in your life, you would be asking your parents for a cute pet. Be it a kitten, a puppy or even a goldfish. They're all game when it comes to choosing for a pet. And it would not help even when you put on your best Bambi eyes. From the parents side of view, that very question usually conjures up two very common pictures; money flying away and you scolding your kid to take care of their pet. And so, this conversation (one of many to come?) happened while we were driving home from Penang.

Kristine: Mommy, I want a Dog.
Mommy: Wait till you're older
Kristine: But Mommy, I want a Dog! (sounding cute)
Mommy: You cannot. Who will feed the Dog?
Kristine: I will, Mommy.
Mommy: Who till take care of the Dog?
Kristine: I will, Mommy. I will!
Mommy: Who will give the Dog a bath?
Kristine: You lor, Mommy.
Mommy: You can ask your sister, Kaelynn to help instead.
Kristine: I want you to help, Mommy.
Mommy: Mommy is busy, so many things to do
Kristine: How about Daddy?
Mommy: Daddy is busy with his work. See how late he comes back?
Kristine: How about Grandma?
Mommy: Grandma is busy with her things
Kristine: How about Grandpa?
Mommy: Grandpa is busy with his car
Kristine: What about Sook-sook (her Uncle, my brother)
Mommy: Sook-sook is also busy working, Dear
Kristine: But Mooommm. I want a Dog
Mommy: If you want a Dog, you have to do a lot of things
Kristine: Mooooommmmm........
Mommy: What happens to the Dog when everyone is away for Holiday?
Kristine: ............
Mommy: Who will take care of the Dog, then? It might die.
Kristine: .............

A few minutes of silence in the car. Then,

Kristine: Momm......, I want a Cat.....