Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

While I was waiting for my technician to arrive, I was hanging around outside the customer's place. I wanted him to come so that he can learn programming from me on the Panasonic system. He is more than an hour late and so, I began to look around.....

And I stumbled onto some rubbish.
Feeling bored, I opened it........

Hmm.... some Tamron thing. Must be used
laser or photocopier toner.

When I opened it up, it looked like a zoom lens!
So, I quickly try it on my D50 and it works!
Wah lau! Who is so kind hearted to leave a
80-300mm lens for me to use?
This person is so kind!

Let's see, this is taken from the D50 Kit lens at 18mm

Kit lens at 34mm

Kit lens maxed out at 55mm

Tamron lens at 70mm

Tamron lens at 110mm

And now, maximum at 300mm!

And now, some real shots. On a normal shot, this is OK
but once you zoom into the subject...

you can see how the background blurs out nicely?
Sort of makes you focus your attention on
the subject instead of the background

Although the minimum focus is slightly under a meter,
I love the way the images turned out even if it means
I have to stand further a bit. Ha ha ha ha

This was the closest I got (5m) before it flew off. If I knew
how to control my manual zooming, I bet I could take it
while it was flying off. Imagine the shot, a close-up of
the bird with the background all out of focus

Oh, how the details of the leaves shows!

But since the lens is heavy, my hands tend to shake
after some time which makes the picture blurry
expecially under bad light. Here, a small gust of
wind made things worse.

I don't know why but I just like the details of this shot

Some focusing needs manual adjustment such as this
case when shooting through a fence.

And sometimes, the fence can disappear completely
Goos or not?

However, after less than an half an hour of shooting, already
there were some dust on the big lens. This means I have to
carry some dust blower or panti.....er, cloth

Wow. This lens is so good! OK, although its a bit heavy and makes a lot of noise, I suspect its eating the batteries too. But then, I am not complaining. I take photos for fun and so, this lens is a great asset to me. Unfortunately, when I looked back at the rubbish for more lens especially a macro lens, there was none. Maybe I should leave a "Thank You" note on that spot in case someone wants it back.

Or maybe I should just go and find a friend to treat him for lunch or dinner......