Christmas weekend @ The Curve

I had to get up early so that I could go to The Curve today. I am not taking any chances as this is the last weekend before Christmas which means, there would be a horrible jam by last minute shoppers. I am looking forward to going there as I have not been to that place for months. And its a good time to catch up with friends and news. Not only that, its a good excuse to charge my Satria's batteries (and take it out for a spin too). Anyway, by the time I arrived, it was already half-past twelve and the parking lots are already filling up.

And things did not go well from there. And I look stupid clutching a bag full of electronics parts, like some on-the-spot IED Terrorist

The SFTPMS did not have its usualy gathering and Lester was not sure if they are coming since he did not receive any news. So, I waited. And waited. And waited.

By three in the afternoon, I was pretty sure that there is no SFTPMS. And with Richard running up and down, he did not notice me there for hours too. He was busy organising the Santa versions of Aliens vs Predator booth outside. And there were quite a crowd at the foyer because 8TV was having some Superstar auditions. And I thought I saw Chelsea Ng but I am not sure if its her, so I am not posting her photo here.

There were a lot of "cute" girls lining up for the audition and listening to their "Karaoke" sessions nearly spoilt my lunch at The Outpost. I could go back home but I decided not to since I fought so hard for my freedom for that day (Ha ha ha) just to be away from everyone and everything.

I decided to walk about CineLeisure and stopped by Shioktoys to get an item (which I won't tell you yet) I have booked for months. I nearly went on a splurge as they did have some 1/6 Aliens spares such as the smartgun and some armour but no helmet nor the Pulse Rifle.

The 8TV auditions for the next Superstar. Lots of cute girls who can't
sing, lots of interviews and lots of lining up.

Outside Cineleisure, its business as usual but it was a bit too
crowded and humid for me. Yeah, I was not in a social mood

Something nice hidden at Gamer's Hideout
I was so tempted to smash the glass and run
away with it. But since I am fat, I won't go far.
So, I'll just have to wait for McFarlane's figures

Bought this at The Outpost for RM23. This is a
1/100 scale Gundam (approx 15cm) which is for
beginners. I wanted the HG version but it will not
arrive in Malaysia for another few weeks. Still, I am
happy with this. Something for me to do while Life
falls apart around me