The Malay Terrorist

The Video

Is that it? I just went "Ho-hum". But things would be very very
different if the actor happens to be Kerismu..., er Hishamuddin
waving his Keris instead. I would laugh non-stop for hours. He
speaks like he's from Malaysia. Indonesians speak with a slight
different accent. Still, its not a big deal to me. But then, this is
what I might want to do if a customer piss me off.

Shooting the Phaser rifle

Nex just dropped by my house last night for a very specific purpose. He has upgraded his skills on correcting props almost to "Oh My God!" standard after doing Kal's Fifth Element Pistol. So, we compared the two phaser rifles. One of them is mine and the other, is Richard's.

We have bought the same rifle together but someone did a very bad job on the rifle. In some places, the resin did not flow to the correct thickness and therefore, if you press on that area, it will crack. So, Nex did a lot of patching up and putting in more resin. At one point, he had to snap off the rifle's long end to be able to reach inside the rifle.

So, I am going to dread when it is my turn because I will definitely need to open it up to put in the electronics which is almost ready......

See the difference? Nex's working masterpiece is on top
and mine is, well, you know la.

The details of his work speaks volumes!