Handphone Shopping

So, what do you do when you have a new handphone? Yes, the usual stuff.

1) Throw away the manual
2) Charge the Phone
3) Transfer and update all your phone numbers
4) Customise the phone with pre-programmed ringtones and wallpaper
5) Connect with your PC for advanced customisation (more ringtones and wallpapers)
6) Search for the Manual as to why some features did not work
7) Buy accessories: Programming cables (if you do not have infra-red)
8) Buy accessories: Changeable covers
9) Buy accessories: Phone housing protectors
10) Buy accessories: Those LED flashers

Unfortunately, since its the thried day for the New Year, most of the shops were closed. And those that were open, did a roaring business. At Sungei Wang, there were a lof of people buying new phones, most probably because of the extra money (Ang Pow) and each stall sold about a minimum of 3 three phones within a 10 minute period.

And like me, I could not wait for the shops to open so that I can buy accessories for my new Sony Ericsson T630. So, after much searching, I got:

1) A plastic transparent wraparound with zip
This is a much better variation than those without those zippers because they are normally referred as condoms. I used one before and they're actually quite good, despite the name. However, in this case, the lady did not have a suitable size but one made for the T610, which was quite close. I was not happy because she kept forcing the phone in and the zip scratched the corners of the phone.

2) A Flashing LED sticker
I love this thing. The ones I had, were always either in Blue or White but I kept missing them, due to very weak glue. However, not a lot of people buy them now because its very easy for the Police so spot you using your phone while driving and without a handsfree kit at night. For me, its another reason to remind me how dangerous handphones are. You see, a LED needs 20mA of current to light up and this sticker does not need any power from the phone to light up.........

3) A Lanyward
Its just a fancy piece of cloth with the words Motrola or Ericsson and a small plastic clip with a nylon string for you to tie your phone. Great if you phone is light. But I bought it because I want to tie it to my Bluetooth headset which I kep leavein about for the last two days. However, because my Dad likes it very much, I gave it to him for his new Nokia 3120.

4) Things I did not buy
A programming cable for the Nokia 3120 which costs RM80 (with software)
There were no Blue replaceable covers for the Sony Ericsson T630
I can't find the proper Thunderbirds ringtone (like in the movie)
I forgot to buy a car charger for my Dad's Nokia 3120

But in the end, it was quite an outing because my Sister bought a lot of -censored- back to her place.

I tested the T630's camera