The trip up North ... Taiping

OK, so I needed to go to Taiping today instead of yesterday. Its just a simple service call but I was still required to go. Still, its not a problem for me because as I have mentioned, I am starting to enjoy the company's Hyundai Elantra. The problem is that its still too comfortable and by the 100th or so minutes, I start to get drowsy. Which means I have to stop at Tapah's R&R to wake up my butt and my legs which are starting to stay in that shape.

The service call by itself is quickly dealt with but there is a problem with the one in Ipoh. Apparently, there is a service call there and we do need to go back there to fix a problem during my last visit when we were relocating their system. The problem lies in the fact that the Main-con was not available to give the green light or any form of documentation to let us go there. I have tried calling him almost once a week and even this morning (he was on leave). So, without any approval, I have to bypass that service call. I roughly know what needs to be done but I can guess the problems after doing it, as in," No, no not this line, the OTHER line, etc." Anyhow, the Main-con did call me the next day which I tersely told him to jack off after his excuse that the client have eMailed us to go there instead.

As usual, the cops are not, er, copping about.

And er, well, you comment it yourself la.
Needless to say, I lost my appetite for lunch

Going to Taiping, sometimes I can see some wonderful clouds. By
the time I pulled over and tried to take this shot, the image has
changed from a leaping terrier to a small pig heading towards
the sky.

The journey back was, in itself, very difficult for me. Most of the time I was trying to overcome fatigue and the sudden flu attack which manifested itself after Tapah. But the car was very stable throughout the rain and I had no problems even when I was driving at about 100kmh, as long as I stay in the middle of the Highway as I nearly aquaplaned into the road divider. But if there were passengers int the car, I doubt I would have the guts to do this again since the weight distribution would be all wrong. One good thing about this is that the car's mileage worked out to be about 12.1Km/liter since it was on the Highway. And another thing is that the pedal was very light for the next three days which makes the car easy to cruise about. Ha ha ha ha!

It was raining all the way home. The scene for this Millenium Tower in
Damansara was beautiful but I have no time to set it up as I noticed
there was a Police car behind me. So, you'd have to use your imagination

One wonderful feeling about using RainX is that at 110 Kmh, the
water seems to be flying away from the screen. Its like that scene
in Star Wars where the Millenium Falcon was going Hyper Space

Unfortunately, if the source of light is in front of you, these rain droplets
would light up the whole screen and you cannot see much. Took me some
time before I noticed the black car in front. This happens at slow speed